Why is Intel providing the Intel®XDK for free?

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Kevin J. Smith, General Manager, Developer Products Division/Web App

The world of computing has expanded beyond desktop and servers to include phones and tablets and is still evolving to wearables and the Internet of Things. Besides new form factors, there are now multiple operating systems on multiple architectures, new channels for selling and distributing software, and more ways to monetize your efforts.

Intel would like there to be more apps on every form factor, on every operating system, running on every architecture (obviously including Intel’s). The Intel® XDK team’s mission is to make it easy for people to create and publish apps that run on any architecture. The Intel® XDK build system can package HTML5 apps as hybrid apps that can be submitted to multiple stores. You can also create web apps and websites.

In our mission to ‘make it easy’, we’ve integrated a complete set of capabilities that let you start in a variety of ways, modify, emulate, debug, test, profile, and build an app that transcends operating systems, architectures, and form factors. Being ‘free’ is a part of being easy. We do require registration so that we can associate you with your cloud files and that you agree to the license terms.

Check out the BUILD tab, maximize the availability of your app by submitting it to multiple stores, then tell your friends!

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masums's picture

Thanks to intel for providing XDK free.

uaflyer's picture

I only recently discovered the xDK at an event.

Prior to that, I mostly ignored Intel at events

Its changed a lot

Alex M.'s picture

Thank you Intel for making XDK available and free!!  For a long time I have wanted to learn to make apps.  But the learning curve to learn to code for all platforms is too much.  XDK makes it possible and easy!! Thank you again.

Vihanga Ashinsana's picture

Thank you Intel. It is very helpful for beginners.

Luis C.'s picture

Thanks Intel for XDK and because is free

Aahedi's picture

I like easy software and Intel XDK have it. Thanks for free.

Ian Devlin's picture

The XDK just continues to improve, which is great for developers. I also love the fact that it's build with HTML5! Practice what you preach!

Dushan C.'s picture

Thank you intel , this will help many people to build apps very easily

Diko_Dhananjaya's picture

You think about beginners like us Intel. Thank you.!

Jeeradate K.'s picture

Intel is the great in CPU and hardware and with Intel XDK ,Intel will be the great player in the software world. 

I like Intel XDK very much and I have more product royalty with Intel.

Thank you for make it free.