Analyzing Idle/Active Power Consumption

Configure the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to collect special metrics and analyze idle and active power consumption of your system and the impact your software has on the system behavior.

To enable power consumption metrics for your analysis:

  1. Click the (standalone GUI)/ (Visual Studio IDE) New Analysis button on the VTune Amplifier toolbar.

    The New Amplifier Result tab opens with the Analysis Type window active.

  2. In the Analysis Type window, select the Algorithm Analysis > Advanced Hotspots analysis type from the left pane.

    The Advanced Hotspots configuration pane opens on the right.

  3. Click the Copy button in the upper right corner of the configuration pane.

    The Custom Analysis dialog box opens.

  4. Select the Collect stacks, Analyze idle power consumption and/or Analyze active power consumption checkboxes.
  5. Click OK to save the configuration.

    VTune Amplifier creates a new analysis type in the Custom Analysis branch of the analysis tree.

  6. Click the Start button to launch the custom analysis.
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