Feature Requirements

Some features may require that other products also be installed. The following table lists dependent features and their corresponding required products.

For certain compiler options, compilation may fail if the option is specified but the required product is not installed. In this case, remove the option from the command line and recompile.



Static Analysis

Intel® Inspector XE and one of the following: Intel® C++ Studio XE, Intel® Fortran Studio XE, or Intel® Visual Fortran Studio XE.

The analysis itself is performed by the compiler. The results are viewed with the Intel® Inspector GUI. Analysis can be performed on one machine and the results viewed on another. In this case, only the compiler needs to be installed on the analysis machine. Both the compiler and Intel® Inspector must be installed on the viewing machine.

See the documentation for Intel® Inspector to learn more about the kinds of analysis performed by static analysis and for details about how to use it.

Thread Checking

Intel® Inspector XE

Trace Analyzing and Collecting

Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

This tool is a component of the Intel® Cluster Studio XE.

Compiler options related to this feature may require a set-up script. For further information, see the documentation for the required product.

IMSL* material

Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Windows* OS with IMSL* product

You need to purchase and install the IMSL version of the product.

Privatization of static data for the MPC unified parallel runtime

MultiProcessor Computing environment (MPC) unified parallel runtime

You need to install the MPC unified parallel runtime. For more information, see http://mpc.sourceforge.net/ .

You should also refer to the Release Notes for this product for detailed information on system requirements, late changes to the products, supported architectures, operating systems, and Integrated Development Environments.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.