Getting Help and Support

Windows* OS

Documentation is available from within the version of Microsoft Visual Studio* installed on your system. From the Help menu, choose Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 > Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE Help.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012*

  • To find the Intel documentation, select the Contents tab. You should see all help content installed on your system.

  • To search for content Use the Microsoft Help Viewer search field to search content. (Search results appear in the Results tab.)

  • To find where the topic you are reading is located in the table of contents, click the Sync ToC button on the Microsoft Help Viewer toolbar to find the topic location.

Depending on the version of Visual Studio you are using, you may need to manage or configure the behavior and preferences for local or online help.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008*

  • To display Intel documentation, select Contents from the Visual Studio Help menu. By default, all Intel documentation is merged with any help documentation you already use. If you want to view only Intel content, select the Filtered by box, and deselect all options other than Intel.

  • To search for content, use the Search tab in the Microsoft Document Explorer. By default, the search filters are set to include Intel documentation. In they are not already selected, you must check the Intel search box for all three categories (Language, Technology, and Content Type) to include Intel documentation in your searches. Results appear in the Local Help section.

  • To find where the topic you are reading is located in the table of contents, click the Sync with Table of Contents button on the Microsoft Document Explorer toolbar to find the topic location.


The first time you access the Intel installed help documentation in Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008, a substantial delay may occur. Prior to displaying the help, Visual Studio must merge the new help into the collection and reindex the collection. Depending on whether you have Visual Studio help content already present and the size of the installed help, the delay in viewing help the first time may be several minutes or more.

Context-Sensitive Help

Regardless of the version of Visual Studio, you can get information on certain features using context-sensitive help.

  • Press F1 to get an overview of the active pane or window.

  • Press F1, or click the ? button in the upper-right corner of the dialog box to get help on the active dialog box.

  • Select the keyword and press F1 to get help on a language keyword within your program. (One or more relevant help topics will display.)

Linux* OS and OS X*

On both Linux* OS and OS X*, the documentation has limited integration in the Eclipse/CDT and Xcode. In both cases, the integrated documentation is limited to providing details about where to find the product documentation on your local system.

Intel Software Documentation

You can find product documentation for many released product at

Product Website and Support

For general information on support for Intel software products, visit the Intel web site

At this site, you will find comprehensive product information, including:

  • Links to each product, where you will find technical information such as white papers, support, articles, and user forums

  • Links to news and events

To find technical support information, to register your product, or to contact Intel, please visit:

Release Notes

For detailed information on system requirements, late changes to the products, supported architectures, operating systems, and Integrated Development Environments see the Release Notes for this product.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.