Intel® Level Up Game Demo Contest: Your chance to be recognized

If the competition, camaraderie, and amazing gameplay that came out of the 2013 Intel® Level Up Game Demo Contest was any indication, 2014’s challenge is shaping up to be even more exciting. This annual contest encourages game developers to create innovative, immersive, playable game demos and compete for the chance to win exciting cash prizes as well as gain valuable exposure in the gaming industry at large; not to mention that winners in the major prize categories also may get the opportunity to get their demos onto Steam’s online gaming platform.

The official 2014 Intel® Level Up Game Demo page states that for 2014, the theme to work with is adaptability: “Create an innovative new game that takes advantage of the touch screen and convertible features of the 2 in 1 for a chance to win thousands in cash, industry recognition, and the opportunity to distribute your game on Steam!” The deadline to enter is June 2, 2014, so it’s coming up fast. Categories include:

1 (one) Grand Prize Category:

o    Game of the Year

5 (five) Game Genre Prizes in following Categories:

o    Best Puzzle/Physics Game

o    Best Platformer Game

o    Best Adventure / Role Playing

o    Best Action Game

o    Best Game – “Open Genre” (game demo that does not fit into above 4 genres)

5 (five) Skills & Craft Prizes in following Categories:

o    Best Art Design

o    Best Sound

o    Best Game with 3D Graphics

o    Best Character Design

o    Best Use of Game Physics

Several winners from the 2013 Level Up contest shared their experiences via video at GDC. Chainsawesome Games ( entered Beat Blaster and won in the best sound category. In the video below, Jean Simon Otis talks about this musical adventure game. They were able to get this first game on Steam because of the Level Up contest opportunities, and as a small team of three, that is no small feat! He states that they used Unity for everything on this game and their second project that is currently in development, mentioning that Unity “works great with Intel products.” Watch below:

In this video, Sanatana Mishra from Witch Beam (  talks about his game Assault Android Cactus, which took the prize for best action. This is a shooter game that utilizes the 2 in 1 form factor, and players can use Xbox controllers to play. Sanatana reports that Assault Android Cactus was a “relatively unknown game” when it was first announced; they entered the contest and were able to get great feedback from Intel, as well as a publishing deal to release the demo and a playable game on Valve. They encourage other developers to enter the contest for a “great experience.” Watch below:

In this next video, Steffan K. Gronning of BetaDwarf Entertainment ( talks about how important winning this contest was for BetaDwarf.  He mentions that Level Up has been “extremely important” to them; by winning this contest, they succeeded in both keeping their independence and achieving valuable dialogue with other developers. He would definitely recommend that developers give Level Up a try. Watch the video below:

And in this last video, we meet Grand Prize Winner Greg Lobanov of Dumb and Fat Games (, who won with his game titled “Perfection”. He talks about his exciting new project titled “Coin Crypt”, which he states is all about “tense resource management and tactical battles”; this game is on Steam Early Access right now. The best thing for Greg about the Level Up contest was the Steam access, which provides a great platform for publishing – “it’s been an awesome experience.” Watch below:

Want more information? Check out the 2013 Winner’s Gallery for inspiration, and then head over to the official page of the 2014 Intel Level Up Contest for more information on entering.




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