How to Reduce Trace File Size

Use the -trace-collectives or -trace-pt2pt option to reduce the trace file size or the number of Message Checker reports:

  • Use -trace-collectives to collect information only about Collective Operations

  • Use -trace-pt2pt to collect information about Point-to-Point operations

These options are only supported at runtime with the Hydra process manager.

For example, collect information about Point-to-Point operations in your application (MyApp):

  • When your application is dynamically linked against the Intel Trace Collector (for Linux* OS only):

    $ [mpirun|mpiexec] -trace -n 4 -trace-pt2pt MyApp

  • When your application is statically linked against the Intel® Trace Collector library:
    • On Linux OS:

      $ [mpirun|mpiexec] -trace-pt2pt -n 4 MyApp

    • On Windows OS:

      $ mpiexec.hydra -trace-pt2pt -n 4 MyApp

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