Static Analysis Requirements

You need an Intel studio license (such as an Intel® Parallel Studio XE license) to:

  • Perform static analyses using the studio compiler.

  • View static analysis results using the studio Intel Inspector.

You can perform static analyses on one machine and view static analysis results on another. In this case:

  • On the analysis machine – Install the studio compiler.

  • On the viewing machine – Install the studio, even if you do not intend to compile on this machine.


Static analysis requires your code to compile without serious errors using an Intel® compiler. The results of this compilation cannot be executed. (Intel compilers operate in a special mode when performing static analysis: they dedicate more time to analysis and bypass the instruction generation process entirely. This allows them to find errors that go undetected during ordinary compilation.) Therefore, you can use static analysis even if you do not plan to use an Intel compiler to build your production binaries.

See Also

Supplemental documentation specific to a particular Intel Studio may be available at <install-dir>\<studio>\documentation\ .

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