About Comparing Results

The information in a results comparison is most useful when you compare two results of the same analysis type from the same project, such as two Detect Leaks (mi1) results.

A results comparison looks similar to a standard dynamic or static analysis result with the following exceptions:

  • Result tab name - The Intel® Inspector shows the names of the results selected for comparison in the following manner: Results Comparison: "<Result 1 name>" - "<Result 2 name>"

  • State information - The Intel Inspector shows:

    • Result 1 or Result 2 if the issue was detected in only one of the results

    • Both if the issue was detected in both results


Intel Inspector does not save result comparisons. The information disappears if you close the result tab, open another project, or close the Intel Inspector GUI.

See Also

Supplemental documentation specific to a particular Intel Studio may be available at <install-dir>/<studio>/documentation/.

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