Exporting Archives

Create result archive files to easily:

  • Move Intel® Inspector results between machines or even between operating systems. For example: You can export an archive file for a result produced on a Linux* machine and import it to a Windows* machine.

  • Share results for collaboration purposes. For example: You can combine the efforts of multiple team members working a subset of assigned issues in the same result.

  • Send results to the Intel® support team for troubleshooting purposes.

To export a result:

  1. From the Project Navigator pane, right-click a result to display a context menu, then choose Export Result... .
  2. In the Export Result dialog box, choose a result archive file destination.
  3. Deselect the Include source files checkbox if desired.
  4. Click the Export button.

Outcome: The Intel Inspector shows progress as it creates the result archive file and displays warnings if applicable.

See Also

Supplemental documentation specific to a particular Intel Studio may be available at <install-dir>/<studio>/documentation/.

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