Dialog Box: Options-Debugger

To access this dialog box: Choose File > Options.... In the Options dialog box, choose the Debugger page.

Use this dialog box to choose the debugger that launches automatically when you run an analysis configured for interactive debugging.

Use This

To Do This

GNU gdb* debugger radio button

Automatically launch the GNU command line debugger.

Intel idb debugger radio button

Automatically launch the Intel graphical user interface debugger.

Intel idbc debugger radio button

Automatically launch the Intel command line interface debugger.

Other supported debugger radio button, field, and browse box

Choose an alternative location for a supported debugger or an alternative debugger that supports the gdb remote interface.

Do not start a debugger automatically radio button

Start a debugger and connect to the debugging session manually. The analysis pauses while waiting for the debugger connection and displays a message in the Collection Log window or terminal where the analysis was launched. Connect using the target remote command displayed in the message. You must terminate the analysis if the connection cannot be established.

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