Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition Compilers Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, The fixes list for Intel® Composer XE 2013 SP1 Compilers can be found here.  The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.2 can be found here.

Update 7 (Posted June 2016), Package IDs below 

DPD200250303 Fortran HPO: Different data dependency output on IA32 and Intel(R) 64 for the same loo.
DPD200366198 C icc 15.0 trivial Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) native program hangs with num_threads(257); OK with num_threads(256)
DPD200369789 Fortran Internal Compiler Error, regression with long module+symbol names
DPD200372758 C The -traceback option causes problems when also using the -pie option
DPD200374497 C++ Internal Error in simple SIMD program
DPD200408029 C Optimized strncpy runs 10X slower in the recent 15.0 compiler compared to 12.0 compiler version
DPD200409420 C++ Vectorizer regression in 15.0.x with -inline-level=1 and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2)

Update 6 (Posted December 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200150228 Fortran Alignment directives don't work with variables in common
DPD200361582 Fortran VALUE attribute inconsistently applied when calling BIND(C) procedure
DPD200363373 C++ Slow __intel_memcpy (Forum issue - 535021)
DPD200365149 C++, C inlining prevents loop interchange - a factor of 12 performance difference
DPD200365317 Fortran ifort 15.0 !$omp atomic updates to private pointee not reflected in local pointer due to lastprivate() clause
DPD200365365 Fortran Bad Handling of function call with heap arrays
DPD200365815 Fortran Lift restriction on STOP and ERROR STOP in PURE/ELEMENTAL procedures
DPD200371086 Fortran ifort 15.0/16.0 Internal Compiler Error 010101_13492 per Loop Multiversioning
DPD200371462 C, C++ stdafx.cpp should be recompiled but instead gives error: cannot find precompiled header
DPD200372758 C, C++ The -traceback option causes problems when also using the -pie option
DPD200373050 C Compiler mis-optimizes htonl() and ntohl() to constant 0 when there is no prototype in scope
DPD200374370 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2015* and Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 4 crash when opening specific Fortran source file
DPD200374486 C, C++ Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 4 Composer Edition for C++ Windows* Installer Crashes
DPD200375105 C++ The difference of -fno-builtin and -fno-builtin-
DPD200375567 C internal error: ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
DPD200572993 C, C++ Windows/Intel(R) 64 native compiler: the dll for reading and writing the pdb not found
DPD200575484 C, C++, Fortran Support of node-locked licensing in PSET client for 2015 products (Windows)

Update 5 (Posted September 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200156802 C++, C vectorization be supported for non inner loops
DPD200233586 C Need SLM -x option with more meaningful name (non-beta)
DPD200241157 Fortran Internal compiler error with FORCEINLINE attributes
DPD200253491 C Compile time difference between icl and cl
DPD200254145 Fortran allocatable array doesnt shrink in class
DPD200361596 C Performance loss for FMA (need to fold 0 values in 128/256-bit FMAs)
DPD200362717 C++, C link error ": error: incompatible calling convention declarations for routine __mm_prefetch" when /Qipo is on
DPD200364670 C Mismatching pointer to aligned class in overridden new[]/delete[] produces heap corruption
DPD200364953 Fortran OpenMP* sections cause allocatable array is already allocated error
DPD200365420 C++ static_assert must not evaluate 2nd
DPD200365489 C++ Fatalerror in icpc 15.0 terminated by floating point exception
DPD200365512 C++, C Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) - Internal compiler error #04010002_1809: Unsupported prefetch hint for architecture.
DPD200365617 Fortran [ifort] Erroneous EOF: forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read
DPD200365695 C Liboffload: problem with size of multiple arrays in "omp target map" construct
DPD200365736 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Run-time failure when permitting HLO Prefetch
DPD200365756 Fortran Fortran RTL: QWIN INQFOCUSQQ function error when logical unit obtained with the NEWUNIT keyword in an OPEN statement.
DPD200365943 Fortran Run-time seg fault occurs when Vectorizer applied to test case
DPD200366353 C++, C Memory leak when using asynchronous offloads (Intel(R) MIC Architecture)
DPD200366429 C In correct array size in map clause when lower bound is not zero
DPD200366449 C++ Intel 2015 update 1 compiler is slower than its predecessors
DPD200366703 C++ Internal compiler error - Segmentation fault
DPD200366742 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Local pointer value not updated when using OUT() with persistent data
DPD200366764 C++ C++11 variadic template argument deduction with class with default arguments broken
DPD200366813 C++, C OpenMP threadprivate variables
DPD200367073 Fortran Bounds error for assignment to parameterized type component passed to CLASS(*) unlimited polymprphic argument
DPD200367121 C++ a tuple of tuples. icc doesn't compile, while clang* does (noexcept evaluation issue)
DPD200367157 C, C++ NativeExecutablePath environment contains duplicated paths
DPD200367164 C, C++ Bad line number association from preprocessed file
DPD200367458 C++, C /openmp- passed to cl when /QopenMP is passed to icl in Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE
DPD200367601 Fortran forrtl: severe (39): error during read on a Lustre File System
DPD200367816 Fortran FRTL - Random crash in PRINT statement interrupted by signal on Intel(R) MIC Architecture.
DPD200367894 Fortran Problems with sourced allocation from function result
DPD200367949 Fortran ifort - double free for temporary array in omp parallel region.
DPD200368283 C++ xilib error with /Qipo only
DPD200368434 Fortran read error returned with -O2 but not with -O0
DPD200368684 Fortran Illegal DWARF* output with -debug extended option
DPD200368724 C++, C [L10N-15.0] In C++ Windows*, Intel properties are not displayed in the Microsoft Visual Studio properties page
DPD200368726 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] Some command line help messages are left in English in C++ and Fortran Windows
DPD200368730 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] The Japanese translation of compiler mc for C++/Fortran Linux and Windows needs to be changed
DPD200368734 C++, C [L10N-15.0] Some buttons in Performance Guide result in the Button methos failed error.
DPD200368856 C++ [2016BETA] spurious error on redeclaration of member function with nontype argument in Microsoft* mode
DPD200368928 C++ Internal error when compiling with openmp & defining inside a if statement
DPD200368969 C++ Compiler bug when using C++11 inherited constructors
DPD200369079 C++ ": internal error: 010101_2010 with -xSSE or -msse for 32bit compile
DPD200369137 C++ icl gcc* mode (-Qgcc-dialect:490) generate incorrect obj if __attribute__((weak)) is used
DPD200369151 Fortran Unexpected error BACKSPACEing through unformatted file
DPD200369215 C++, C Code generation fault in phase PRE_Optimize_Expr - only when compiling for SSE2, for -O3 and using 'restrict' keyword
DPD200369228 Fortran Internal compiler error for integer overflow in constant expressions
DPD200369286 Fortran FRTL - Coarray regression in 16.0
DPD200369404 C, C++ Multi architecture code generation produces wrong results with C (works good with C++)
DPD200369453 Fortran [2016BETA] Rank 0 is not returned when scalar arguments are passed to assumed rank dummy argument
DPD200369629 C++ icc 15.0 statement produced for compilation of sincosf
DPD200369681 C++ Switching C++ OpenMP project to /Qopenmp_stubs produces unresolved symbols
DPD200369777 Fortran Fortran 15.0.2: RTE with OPEN txt file stored in folder with name in Japanese
DPD200369938 C++ internal error in copy_template_param_con
DPD200369944 C++, Fortran warning #31001 when using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015*
DPD200369950 C++ assertion failure "missing default rescan info" on late specified return type
DPD200369962 C++ internal error
DPD200369981 Fortran Incorrect results disappear if unused variables renamed or removed
DPD200370118 Fortran, C++ Vars files in 16.0 beta can't work in ZSH
DPD200370681 C++, C Code generation fault caused by combined HPO/vectorization and IPO/inlining for new codec in FFMPEG 2.6
DPD200370704 Fortran -qopt-report level affects optimization
DPD200370734 C++, C Missing a "AND"
DPD200371338 C icc generates incorrect code for unsigned+signed loop variable increment
DPD200371762 C++ valid c++ variadic code causes segfault with icc
DPD200371842 C++ is there a libc++ version of libcikrts.5.dylib
DPD200371870 Fortran -C in combination with -O3, -ip and -heap-arrays results in an Internal Compiler Error
DPD200372185 C++, C Internal Compiler Error for code containing Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) intrinsics
DPD200372333 C++ Qinline-max-size /*XL#58892*/
DPD200372400 C, C++ Failure to build Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(R) TBB) offload application
DPD200372595 Fortran Feature Request: support gdb 7.9.1 for 16.0 compiler
DPD200373042 C Incorrect aligned load after peeling causes seg fault
DPD200373558 Fortran Very poor I/O performance on gluster filesystem with unformatted reads and writes with big_endean.
DPD200374223 C++, C Incompatible type/declaration for _mm_stream_si64() intrinsic
DPD200552975 C++ executable fails with empty error message for attached product
DPD200557650 C++, C __writecr0 not generated as intrinsic for x64 icl
DPD200568523 C++ error: expression must have a constant value with dependent constructor call
DPD200571703 Fortran There is a problem with Fortran IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Pre-RTM
DPD200571946 C++, C [Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 RC] 15.0 compiler crashes with internal error: assertion failed

Update 4 (Posted May 2015), Package IDs below 

Update 3 (Posted April 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200181681 Fortran F2015: Feature Request: Support for extended C interoperability TS 29113
DPD200243250 C Suggestions for reducing false sharing in OpenMP* runtime
DPD200249634 C UTF-8 raw string literals gives incorrect result on Windows
DPD200250752 C++ bug: invalid "expression must have a constant value" compilation error
DPD200268569 Fortran, C++, C Option to limit vectorization report to specified function(s)
DPD200357615 Fortran Incorrect vector loop cost in optimization report
DPD200357616 Fortran Incorrect alignment messages in vectorization report
DPD200358208 C, C++ Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Identifier undefined error when using __attribute__ ((target (mic)))
DPD200360062 C++, C internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/exprutil.c", line 18399 on omp capture
DPD200361542 Fortran Matrix optimization framework with -fp-model precise and inlining gives wrong results
DPD200361872 Fortran Optimization bug Loop peeling
DPD200362226 Fortran Vectorizer causes wrong output.
DPD200362385 C++ internal error 20000
DPD200362442 C++ unable to parse explicit template operator with template dependent qualifier
DPD200362495 C++ erroneous expression must have a constant value error with nontype template parameter as argument to constexpr routine
DPD200362627 C, C++ Using __intel_simd_lane as array accessor results in unnecessary unaligned loads/stores
DPD200362717 C++, C link error ": error: incompatible calling convention declarations for routine __mm_prefetch" when /Qipo is on
DPD200362749 C++ Optimizer Internal Error 010101_1 when using icpc 15.0.1
DPD200362870 C Inconsistent results between Visual Studio 2012* and icl 15.0
DPD200363105 Fortran Inexact error message while reading an unformatted file
DPD200363145 C++ problem with SFINAE when nullptr used as default argument
DPD200363297 C++ Compiling with icpc 15.0.1 and -openmp results in Internal Error
DPD200363311 C++ HHVM build failure: hhvm build failed because of deleted function.
DPD200363693 C++, C icl puts Intel include path ahead of path provided in env var INCLUDE
DPD200364017 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il_to_str.c", line 6597
DPD200364057 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling with -openmp
DPD200364086 C, C++ constexpr bug -- expression must have a constant value on return of constexpr function
DPD200364294 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on host-associated scalar coarray
DPD200364348 C++ Feature Request: Source information for coverage tools
DPD200364443 Fortran Internal compiler error at -O1 (or higher) #20000_0: NULL curr_routine_mgr (shared/il0/il0_util.c, line 6012)
DPD200364477 C++, C Optimization causing incorrect results
DPD200364505 Fortran ifort 15.0 execute_command_line intrinsic doesn't work if the command contains embedded blanks
DPD200364531 C++, C [Xilink.exe]Forcing rebuild of all source files due to a change in the command line since the last build
DPD200364577 C++ code generation bug with #pragma code_seg
DPD200364579 C code generation bug with switch/case statement
DPD200364620 Fortran Doc incorrectly states default Fortran RTL is threadsafe on Intel(R) 64
DPD200364697 C++ Internal Compiler Error: internal error: ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem. Segmentation violation signal raised.
DPD200364786 Fortran [IL0] Replace Subscripts with Vars corrupts stack with 0xCCCCCCCC for trapping uninitialized variables.
DPD200364853 C++ Eclipse* Integration does not work on SuSe Linux Enterprise Server* 11
DPD200365012 Fortran ifort 15.0 Vectorizer bad vector loop case
DPD200365291 C performance regression in C++ 15.0.1 update
DPD200365401 Fortran, C++, C opt-streaming-stores= not supported
DPD200365407 Fortran, C++ building chello x64 config using msbuild* from icl command prompt for Visual Studio 2013* not work
DPD200365480 Fortran Inappropriate conditionalizations in module USER32
DPD200365519 Fortran Internal Compiler Error if compiled with fpe:0 due to Vectorizer
DPD200365526 Fortran ifort 15.0 parsing error on !$OMP TARGET DEVICE(dommy)
DPD200365528 Fortran ifort 15.0 !$OMP TARGET DEVICE(dev_id) - dev_id not permitted to be OMP THREADPRIVATE **OR** incorrect error message
DPD200365546 C++ internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/lower_init.c", line 1454
DPD200365562 Fortran Code fails in vectorizer on Intel(R) microarchitecture code names Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, works on Westmere
DPD200365574 C Loop unrolling causes incorrect results
DPD200365686 C Problem with C99' _Pragma () and "omp target"
DPD200365691 C Switch /Oi to "Generate Intrinsics" caused PeekMessageW call to be mapped to PeekMessageA - a severe issue for UNICODE support
DPD200365712 C++ Compiler Crashes with segmentation violation
DPD200365736 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Run-time failure when permitting Prefetch
DPD200365772 C, C++ Code generation bug with class methods as a vector function
DPD200365797 Fortran faulty code generated for using a TBP, which returns a pointer, as an argument of a function call
DPD200366183 Fortran Wrong value for COUNT in constant expression
DPD200366377 Fortran Syntax errors for USE inside BLOCK
DPD200366417 Fortran Incorrect error 7974 for specification expression in BLOCK
DPD200366418 Fortran Inappropriate standards warning, Internal Compiler Error, for COUNT in constant expression
DPD200366474 Fortran LOC of POINTER dummy argument returns address of pointer, not target
DPD200366483 Fortran Incorrect error 6780 with ASSOCIATE, POINTER and INTENT(IN)
DPD200366487 C++ base class Compiler generated copy constructor is not constexpr
DPD200366571 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for call to type-bound procedure of parameterized type (PDT) with deferred-length parameter
DPD200366575 Fortran Array initialization based on smaller kind PARAMETER constant gets wrong value
DPD200366820 Fortran BLOCK inside ASSOCIATE can't see associate name
DPD200366834 C++, C C++ Compiler evaluates noexcept specifications which are not used
DPD200367027 C++ icc bug - Core dump when using '_allow_cpu_features(_FEATURE_AVX2)' and building with '-xAVX'
DPD200367043 C, C++ error: more than one operator "=" matches these operands compiling with armadillo*
DPD200367076 Fortran Access violation/segfault on derived type array access with vectorization
DPD200367113 C++ A possible IPO bug with -prof-use
DPD200367151 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200367508 C icc generates wrong instructions for Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200367640 C++ icc 15.0 build never ending (stopped waiting at 20 minutes) for file that icc 14.0 finishes < 5 seconds
DPD200367894 Fortran Problems with sourced allocation from function result
DPD200367934 C, C++ C++ Operator Multi-Versioning lead to compiler crash
DPD200368083 C Different results with 16.0 vs. 14.0
DPD200368305 C [OMP atomic capture] internal error: access violation
DPD200368459 C++, C Performance degradation with icc 15.0 ~ 10% overall and 25% for a critical function
DPD200368726 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] Some command line help messages are left in English in C++ and Fortran Windows
DPD200368730 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] The Japanese translation of compiler mc for C++/Fortran Linux and Windows needs to be changed
DPD200532648 C++ Default destructor not weak under certain condition
DPD200532919 Fortran reduction memref under condition not guarded in initial value read, yielding to SEGV
DPD200557497 C++ icc -fopemp causes internal error: null pointer in checkdir.c
DPD200557515 C++ icc -openmp causes assertion failed: dump_operation: bad expr operator (shared/cfe/edgglue/edg_expr.c, line 5798)
DPD200567847 C, C++ "unsupported data type" error for vcompress* idiom with int64 data
DPD200567997 C, C++ compiler generates scatter instructions for 32-bit data in vexpand* idiom

Update 2 (Posted February 2015), Package IDs below 

DPD200032072 C, C++ Loop is not auto-parallelized if loop-count has been read from input stream
DPD200150906 C, C++ deprecated declspec doesn't work for template types
DPD200164411 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) Feature Request: effectively enable -offload-ldopts='-Wl,-zdefs' by default (a.k.a --no-undefined) to trigger undefined references
DPD200171673 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: vectorization report should emit a message when -strict-ansi is used
DPD200174581 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Have Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(R) TBB) automatically allocate big pages for large memory requests
DPD200174584 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Issue diagnostic for target(host) and allow target(cpu) instead
DPD200174969 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Driver should filter out duplicate objects found in both CPU and Intel(R) MIC Architecture libraries
DPD200175478 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Working sample code needed for documented offload functionality
DPD200245915 C++ Spurious remark 593 about unused variable mapped into a lambda
DPD200246363 Fortran Missing error for I/O of derived type function result with private components and no UDIO
DPD200247686 Fortran Missing error for ELEMENTAL dummy or function result that is ALLOCATABLE
DPD200248342 Fortran ifort 14.0 alignment directives and hints don't work consistently
DPD200252875 C++ icc 14.0 inconsistent performance behavior when offloading to multiple cards
DPD200253276 Fortran alignment information lost inside OpenMP* parallel region
DPD200253277 Fortran OpenMP private array not treated as aligned despite directive and -align array64byte
DPD200255056 Fortran Openmp doesn't work with -check option correctly
DPD200255147 Fortran Spurious error message for Coarray Fortran program about allocatable ultimate component where the actual argument is not a derived type however
DPD200255750 C internal error: 20000_0
DPD200255808 Fortran Apparent problem with elemental operations on derived types
DPD200256506 Fortran Mask ignored in SUM() intrinsic
DPD200293696 C, C++ Feature Request: basic arithmetic operator support for SIMD int types
DPD200353021 C++ Debug info accuracy for inlined C++ functions
DPD200358283 C, C++ bug with variadic template function matching
DPD200358909 Fortran Type-bound defined assignment not used for component of derived type in intrinsic assignment
DPD200359030 Fortran compiling Coarray Fortran program with assignment to derived type coarray results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200359114 C++ Compiler optimization level O1/O2/O3 is causing memory corruption for the attached program
DPD200359127 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] Command line help contains some English descriptions.
DPD200359191 C++, C [L10N-15.0] In the Visual Studio* Tools > Options > Intel Composer XE > Performance Libraries, some texts are not translated
DPD200359288 Fortran Incorrect allocatable assignment causes crash in object copying
DPD200359379 Fortran Failure discovered when testing fix for when Vectorizer doesn't use 64 bits to calculate array index
DPD200359459 Fortran, C++, C math dll libs are not built with '/DYNAMICBASE'
DPD200359530 C++, C PointerChecker lib: libchkp.dll is not built with '/DYNAMICBASE'
DPD200359533 C++, C irc_msg.dll is not built with '/DYNAMICBASE'
DPD200359667 Fortran libmpi_ilp64.dll is not built with '/DYNAMICBASE'
DPD200359679 Fortran Internal Compiler Error 010101_13220
DPD200359795 C++, C could not remove /GL option for mixed icl/cl project
DPD200359891 Fortran IvyBridge target generated illegal (Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel(R) AVX2)) instruction if -r8 spcified
DPD200359971 C++, C Erroneous code optimization found on 64-bit ICL
DPD200360091 Fortran ifort 15.0 Intel Compiler Error on ' idx = count(array%get_code() /= 0) + 1'
DPD200360234 Fortran Segfault occurs with OpenMP and -O2 in cp2k
DPD200360304 Fortran Loop distribution for vectorization causes Internal Compiler Error.
DPD200360359 Fortran INTEGER*8 being optimized away, leading to a wrong answer
DPD200360582 C icc 15.0 '#pragma omp distribute parallel for' Intel(R) MIC Architecture bug
DPD200360641 Fortran Internal compiler error in val_pack.h with -openmp -O0
DPD200360728 Fortran Error when passing pointer to subroutine
DPD200360946 C++ "-isystem" option only applied to the host when compiling code with offload pragmas
DPD200361183 C (Interprocedural Compile), optimizing---Access violation or stack overflow
DPD200361238 Fortran ifort 15.0 Internal Compiler Error 010101_631 with dump 'DIRECTIVE_QUAL_IS_OMP_SIMD'
DPD200361289 Fortran, C opt-report-file overrides -opt-report=0
DPD200361347 C++ msbuild error - error MSB6003: The specified task executable 'icl.exe' could not be run.
DPD200361391 C++ error : conflicting calling convention modifiers
DPD200361405 C++ Optimization phase 'Conditional Jump Xform' creates incorrect code
DPD200361414 Fortran Generic resolution issues with parameterized derived types and type-bound procedures
DPD200361542 Fortran Matrix optimization framework with -fp-model precise and inlining gives wrong results
DPD200361582 Fortran VALUE attribute inconsistently applied when calling BIND(C) procedure
DPD200361596 Fortran, C++, C Performance loss for FMA (need to fold 0 values in 128/256-bit FMAs)
DPD200361735 C++ internal error in vectorizer with -qopt-report=2
DPD200361762 Fortran Internal Compiler Error compiling call to elemental type bound subroutine on extended derived type array
DPD200361771 Fortran Strange behavior of a type-bound procedure relating to the allocation of a derived-type allocatable array
DPD200361849 Fortran Internal compiler Error with polymorphic defined interface assignment(=)
DPD200361889 Fortran Error #7146 when using nested ASSOCIATE constructs
DPD200361917 Fortran Incorrect code generated with simd pragma
DPD200361928 Fortran error #6796 for object that seemingly should have implicit target attribute via pointer allocation
DPD200361993 Fortran Internal compiler error involving TYPE declaration with final and class argument
DPD200362007 Fortran Coarray programs linked with -static or -static-intel try to find nonexistent libicaf.a
DPD200362028 Fortran Unexpected run-time seg fault from unexpected resolution of generic procedures/interaction of intrinsic/defined assignments
DPD200362094 Fortran Offload process hangs (maybe due to OpenMP parallel DO)
DPD200362104 Fortran ifort 15.0 incorrect output
DPD200362167 Fortran Switch '-fp-model source' causes Internal Compiler Error in phase 'scalar replacement' for Fortran code using array section notation
DPD200362169 C, C++ Optimization bug which can lead to access violation
DPD200362201 Fortran, C++ [L10N-15.0] Some resource files contains old Japanese library names
DPD200362206 C, C++ [L10N-15.0] The Japanese translation of the Treat Enum As Known Ranges option in Visual Studio Propery Page is misplaced
DPD200362210 C, C++, Fortran [L10N-15.0] Add button on Application Invocation dialog causes Visual Studio 2012*/2013* to crush
DPD200362269 Fortran Traceback for OS X 64-bit (-arch x86_64) executable is not symbolized
DPD200362454 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with INTENT(OUT) coarray dummy argument
DPD200362455 C++, C -no-simd switch doesn't work with -qopenmp
DPD200362494 C, C++ Missing 64bit libicaio.lib (asynchronous I/O library) in Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition
DPD200362637 C, Fortran Feature Request: Implement OpenMP 4.0* Spec, section 3.2.28 omp_is_initial_device
DPD200362669 Fortran ifort 15.0 bug with stream I/O access and non-advancing I/O
DPD200362719 Fortran Error 6366 for assignment to function result where function declared with character(LEN=)
DPD200362731 Fortran Regression in ifort 15.0 causing runtime seg fault
DPD200362740 C++ infinite loop on block extern declaration
DPD200362789 C icc doesn't support LLVM*-specific attribute 'availablility'
DPD200362857 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for two variables declared with PDT on same line
DPD200362909 Fortran ifort 15.0 integer divide by zero for coarray codimension specification passed as argument
DPD200362919 C++ icc 15.0 #pragma omp simd linear(k: m + 1) causes 'error: expression must have arithmetic type'
DPD200362973 Fortran Errors 6717, 6197, fun with PDT and IMPLICIT
DPD200362994 C++ error : no operator "=" matches these operands on assignment of struct containing volatile field
DPD200363043 Fortran ifort 15.0 issue with SPREAD() intrinsic referencing extended type for usage in source allocation
DPD200363107 Fortran ifort 15.0 SEGV with -ipo
DPD200363176 Fortran Incorrect record lengths for unformatted DTIO write of large array
DPD200363248 Fortran Access violation, bounds and pointer check errors passing allocatables to allocatables
DPD200363274 C++, C BLAST: Run-time segV for BLAST app (in blast_gapalign.c)
DPD200363300 C++ icc 15.0.1 reports Internal Error when compiling with -openmp -mmic -O2
DPD200363307 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for use of PDT with type-bound procedure and /debug
DPD200363325 C++ internal error
DPD200363367 Fortran SIGSEGV at runtime when compiling with -ipo
DPD200363385 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Incorrect results for scalar value updated inside loop with Vectorizer
DPD200363541 C, C++, Fortran Feature Request: Need accept switch /arch:AVX2 for Haswell code generation on Windows
DPD200363549 C Compiler throws an internal error 04010002_1678 when using Intel(R) Memory Protection Extensions (Intel(R) MPX) flag
DPD200363588 Fortran Internal error 04010020_1009
DPD200363637 Fortran ifort: incorrect standard Fortran 2003 warning message on OpenMP threadprivate clause when option -std is enabled.
DPD200363712 Fortran Compilation of finalized parametrized derived type doesn't complete.
DPD200363913 C++ internal error on lambda used as pointer to member function
DPD200363916 Fortran Runtime error: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation
DPD200363968 Fortran Regression in unbuffered Fortran I/O with -i8
DPD200364024 C Compiler crash with /fp:strict
DPD200364094 Fortran Performance regression on matrix multiply code and matmul intrinsic in 15.0 update 1.
DPD200364120 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling with 15.0.1 and /Qopenmp and /check:all
DPD200364134 C++, C internal error: 20000_3650
DPD200364260 Fortran /imsl adds nonexistent library path to link
DPD200364291 C, C++ remark: loops in this subroutine are not good vectorization candidates not numbered blocking builds with -Werror-all
DPD200364616 Fortran FPUTC of newline character empties buffer, doesn't write anything
DPD200364676 C++ error #13368: loop was not vectorized with 'vector always assert' with -Werror-all when no pragma vector always assert exists
DPD200364682 C, C++ internal error: bad pointer preprocessing file with #line directives
DPD200364854 Fortran ifort: Incorrect error message about procedure initialization.
DPD200364904 Fortran Errors 8486, 6285 for generic reference to procedure with unlimited polymorphic class(*), pointer dummy and actual
DPD200364994 C++ Crash in unit tests with 15.0 compiler, due to Dead Virtual Func Elimination
DPD200365277 C++ Intel C++ 15.0.1 Compiler creates wrong binary code for Intel(R) AVX2 in release mode
DPD200538459 C++ variadic template expansion during tuple concatenation leads to invalid pack does not have the same number of elements on pack expansion
DPD200542965 C++ Ambiguity between c++14 lambda capture expression and Microsoft* attribute
DPD200546885 C++ g++ compatibility: constexpr not working in a call to a routine that returns a reference
DPD200552779 C++ [SoFIA] Option -xassembler-with-cpp is causing incorrect debugging information
DPD200553126 Fortran, C++, C OpenMP app crashes if library is loaded/unloaded often in oversubscription case
DPD200553906 Fortran /fpe:0 causes Vectorizer to fail with internal compiler error

Update 1 (Posted November 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200176168 Fortran Request for the IDE to only scan files that have changed since the last Intellisense scan
DPD200176374 Fortran Structure constructor with long character component in initialization expression silently gives NUL
DPD200176738 Fortran Failure to vectorize simple loop with call to elemental function
DPD200235816 Fortran vectorized loop runs slower with Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel(R) AVX) than SSE4.2
DPD200237989 C++ Error while compiling
DPD200240780 C++ Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture)-dlclose call hangs if .so contains an offload clause.
DPD200242869 Fortran, C++, C Allow OFFLOAD_DEVICES to specify "no devices"
DPD200244687 C make -check=uninit more descriptive
DPD200245551 C Floating point exception error with /O2 and feenableexcept(FE_ALL_EXCEPT)
DPD200245949 Fortran Internal Compiler Error caused by generic spec at end interface statement.
DPD200246096 Fortran Failure with /Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat
DPD200246633 Fortran, C++, C Not Vectorized messages should include reference line number at start of loop
DPD200246961 Fortran IFLangServicePackage failed to load
DPD200247881 Fortran Segfault for reference to nested allocatable coarray reference
DPD200249317 C++ OpenMP* runtime still won't support more than 64 threads
DPD200249497 C++ Support of thread-local variables on OS X*
DPD200250759 C Internal Compiler Error in frontend verification
DPD200251029 Fortran ifort SIGSEGV with OMP task sharing of a private allocatable array
DPD200253037 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with OpenMP update clause and array element as subscript
DPD200253788 C++ enable unrestricted unions on Windows in Microsoft Visual C++ 2013* and later compat modes
DPD200254084 C++ internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1204
DPD200254427 Fortran Data mismatch when reading from named pipe
DPD200254611 C++ OpenMP code gets segfault when compiles with optimisation level higher than '-O0'
DPD200254825 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when using extends_type_of
DPD200254909 Fortran SIGSEGV fault when access co-indexed object array with length zero
DPD200254997 Fortran Early Predicates Optimization causes wrong array element reference.
DPD200255193 Fortran Internal error using structure constructors for function pointer components
DPD200255241 Fortran Invalid syntax error reported when variable beginning with "to"used in !$omp target appears before "map" and "update from"
DPD200255823 C++ GNU 4.3-4.5* CALL_CONVENTION_GCC_RETURN_BY_CC incompatibility with rvalue references and return by copy ctor
DPD200255947 C, C++, Fortran Inlining remarks issues
DPD200256014 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Calling _Offload_report(0) when OFFLOAD_REPORT=3 triggers run-time seg-fault
DPD200256153 C++, C Unresolved reference to virtual function table
DPD200256205 Fortran Have -warn unused warn about unused ONLY names
DPD200256211 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: catastrophic error: Invalid upconversion argument to intrinsic with -openmp, no error without -openmp
DPD200256416 C Different results with 15.0 Vectorizer causes regression
DPD200256664 C++ catastrophic error: Cannot match asm operand constraint
DPD200256743 Fortran ifort 14.0 SIGN() intrinsic is not destinguishing floating -0 from +0
DPD200256949 C++ icc 14.0/15.0 (beta) Internal Compiler Error converting unexpected operand kind on incorrect code
DPD200256962 Fortran Error Message on Final Subroutine of Type Extension
DPD200257192 Fortran actual INTENT(IN) pointer argument should associate to a dummy INTENT(INOUT) non-pointer argument
DPD200257215 C++, C IDE: additional flags should be added before the source file name
DPD200317660 Fortran ifort + -static-intel + -fPIC causes linker error
DPD200357388 C++, C Internal error in decl_inits.c when initializing a constexpr variable
DPD200357395 C++ Windows internal error on explicit defaulted destructor
DPD200357400 Fortran Incorrect loop iterations with parallel do collapse(3) when loop stride specified using local variable
DPD200357422 C++ Cannot use paths in linker's dependencies project setting - works with Visual Studio* compiler (/LIBPATH not handled correctly).
DPD200357578 C [GCC compatibility] ICC does not produce debugging symbols for structs which are only accessed via casts
DPD200357692 C++ Compilation crashes when omp clause with variable which is captured by Lamda function
DPD200357693 Fortran Incorrect deallocation status for polymorphic allocatable variable
DPD200357703 Fortran Error #6780 when using associate construct with derived-type pointer
DPD200357738 Fortran Unexpected results/program termination when using FIRSTPRIVATE with separate OMP PARALLEL and OMP DO directives
DPD200357743 Fortran Divide of three-element vector with -fpe0 loads two values but divides four, resulting in exception
DPD200357749 C, C++, Fortran OS X icl does not recognize -shared as a known command line option
DPD200357756 C OS X Miscompilation of signed bitfield with Clang* front-end
DPD200357766 C++ invalid redeclaration of function which uses a value containing a dependent nontype template arguments
DPD200357820 C++ NONTEMPORAL directive causes Internal Compiler Error: dump_operation: bad expr operator
DPD200357927 Fortran Fotran Run-Time Library: fglPolygonStipple interface is incorrect for 64 bit.
DPD200357959 Fortran Coarry Fortran: possible bug with type with type bound procedures and LOCK_TYPE component
DPD200357961 C++ OMP ATOMIC for operation on structure component causes Internal Compiler Error in case structure has a defined destructor
DPD200358130 Fortran file truncation caused by a write statement
DPD200358187 C Internal error loop: assertion failed
DPD200358222 Fortran option -check uninit causes Internal Compiler Error for routine call with 4 identical actual arguments
DPD200358242 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200358276 Fortran Compiling parameterized derived data type example results in an internal compiler error
DPD200358283 C bug with variadic template function matching
DPD200358286 C Pointer Checker: Problem with dynamic library
DPD200358323 Fortran Memory leak of function returning polymorphic allocatable with allocatable components
DPD200358391 C++, C Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL)/Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel(R) IPP) still available for selection on the project "Intel Performance Libraries" tab even without Intel IPP/Intel MKL installed
DPD200358393 C 15.0.083 over-installation on top of 15.0 beta update 2 did not remove the beta menu items from [start]
DPD200358414 C An empty std::intializer_list causes "internal error: bad pointer" in f_node_has_side_effects
DPD200358522 C, C++ Need to document and fully test the supported option -I- for both Windows* and Linux*
DPD200358523 Fortran Internal compiler error - character(:) pointer in function declaration
DPD200358648 Fortran Multiple Internal Compiler Errors for variations of BLOCK construct
DPD200358651 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture internal error : bad pointer with OpenMP 4.0 simd and compiling with -openmp
DPD200358681 Fortran Compilation regression with Intel 15.0 Beta Fortran
DPD200358684 C++ Unnamed namespaces colliding across source files
DPD200358815 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows* IDE integrations do not promote Intel MKL options associated with the Intel MKL property setting to the Intel(R) MIC Architecture-side compile/link
DPD200358872 Fortran, C confusing vectorization message about compile time constraints
DPD200358902 Fortran Internal compiler error with a derived type with a procedure pointer "container"
DPD200358912 Fortran RANDOM_SEED(GET=component-array gets internal compiler error
DPD200358941 Fortran Unexpected "forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation" error
DPD200359109 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200359130 Fortran, C++, C [L10N-15.0] Compiler Inline Report does not work in Japanese environment.
DPD200359139 C, C++ mozilla: catastrophic error: unrecognized modifier character H in substitution directive
DPD200359164 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200359188 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Derived-type w/allocatable component not permitted in NOCOPY and OUT clauses
DPD200359197 C, C++, Fortran [L10N-15.0] Japanese texts shown in the Compiler Optimization Report are garbled and cannot read.
DPD200359198 C++ [L10N-15.0] Some messages shown in the Compiler Optimization Report are not translated.
DPD200359233 C, C++, Fortran Option -no-qopt-prefetch not recognized
DPD200359234 C, C++, Fortran Incorrect warning that offload switch overrides host switch for -qopt-report
DPD200359281 Fortran, C++, C Negated options should be -qno-o... documented as -no-qo...
DPD200359306 C++ icl-14.0.3 xilink internal error: 0_432 with compilation of /Qipo compilation of stdafx.cpp
DPD200359349 C, C++, Fortran Visual Studio IDE 'Edit and Continue' functionality not working
DPD200359415 C++, C minor typo in user guide for ATOM_SSSE3
DPD200359430 Fortran ifort [formatted fp] results variance between versions
DPD200359455 C, C++, Fortran [L10N-15.0] Japanese texts shown in the Compiler Optimization Report are garbled in IDE
DPD200359456 Fortran, C++, C some dll libs are not built with “/DYNAMICBASE"
DPD200359483 C++ c++11 compiler doesn't find template function instantiation due to template dependent late specified return type
DPD200359488 C++, C Asynchronous Offload Latency/Issue Time 12X-60X with 15 Compiler
DPD200359548 C++ Bad name injection when inheriting a constructor of a template base in a template class
DPD200359558 Fortran Fortran DLL libraries are not built with /DYNAMICBASE
DPD200359641 Fortran Regression in vectorization/multiversioning
DPD200359679 Fortran Internal Compiler Error
PD200359793 Fortran Internal Compiler Error passing character(0) in constructor
DPD200359799 C++ problem with inline namespaces and specialization declared in outer namespace in Qt header
DPD200359842 Fortran block statement caught Internal Compiler Error
DPD200359966 C++ OpenMP causes optimization to abort
DPD200359976 Fortran Overloaded constructor for public type not recognized
DPD200359978 Fortran Internal Compiler Error if compiled with -check stack -g -mcmodel=large
DPD200360059 C++ problem with lambda capture by value and return value by copy ctor optimization
DPD200360063 C++, C Failed to execute command
DPD200360102 Fortran Structure constructors passed as arguments to C routines doesn't contain the right values
DPD200360125 Fortran Internal compiler error after OPTIMIZE VECTOR LOADS STORES
DPD200360183 C Application crash with ostream destructor.
DPD200360227 Fortran Allocatable character string does not copy correctly when embedded in 2 layers of type
DPD200360242 Fortran Coarray already allocated error, internal compiler error, with use-associated allocatable coarray
DPD200360257 Fortran Internal compiler Error
DPD200360311 C attribute vector_size causes Internal Compiler Error
DPD200360329 Fortran ifort v14/v15 Internal Compiler Error
DPD200360360 Fortran ifort v14/v15 Internal Compiler Error
DPD200360404 Fortran Regression in 15.0: Rather simple loop causes IFORT to die by Internal Compiler Error in SIMP phase
DPD200360442 C Unused vector lane generates floating-point exception
DPD200360461 Fortran EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE may fail on Linux/OS X
DPD200360531 Fortran Internal Compiler Error When compiling with /warn:interface Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows
DPD200360541 C Internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200360578 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Unexpected results when vectorizing loop at -O2 -mmic
DPD200360580 C internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200360617 Fortran Compilation Aborted due to Internal Error
DPD200360618 Fortran Error 8039 for INTENT(OUT) or INTENT(INOUT) with BIND(C) and STDCALL
DPD200360656 C, C++ When template is used, pragma omp aligned does not accept variable
DPD200360694 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in Front-End - for 32bit compilation only
DPD200360708 C Unxepected invalid exception with pragma SIMD
DPD200360724 C++, C /QxCORE-AVX2 causing the ": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200360754 C++ -axCORE-AVX2 causes runtime seg fault not seen for Intel(R) AVX
DPD200360763 C, C++ differences in inlining between Windows and Linux.
DPD200360806 Fortran ifort 15.0 Internal Compiler Error at -O2 -openmp per Loop Multiversioning
DPD200360818 Fortran Vectorizer silently aborts due to Exceeded DD_MAX_TOTAL_DD_REFERENCES
DPD200360886 Fortran ifort 15.0 up to 15% slowdown with -xCORE-AVX2 compared to -xSSE4.2
DPD200360994 Fortran Unfortunate example for UNROLL_AND_JAM directive
DPD200360999 Fortran Parameterized derived types with strings returns blank values
DPD200361050 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qinit:snan and ASSOCIATE
DPD200361092 C++ icc 14.0/15.0 HPO Vectorizer vector loop case regression WRT icc-
DPD200361156 Fortran Viewing extended derived type component in Visual Studio debugger shows "Syntax error"
DPD200361162 Fortran ifort 15.0 internal compiler error in if statements
DPD200361184 C internal error: bad pointer
DPD200361194 Fortran Leading blank in Intel(R) MIC Architecture property settings corrupts command-line argument string - argument string is missing ending double-quote
DPD200361223 Fortran Wrong value passed when WAIT specified for EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE
DPD200361230 Fortran Test case produces incorrect result when compiled at /O2
DPD200361236 Fortran Arguments of derived type with assumed type parameters are not properly processed
DPD200361243 C++, C allow C99-style for statements in Visual Studio 2013* compatibility mode and later
DPD200361257 Fortran HPO Vectorizer causes incorrect output.
DPD200361271 Fortran [Fortran Compiler documentation]: Wrong syntax for OFFLOAD in User Guide
DPD200361350 Fortran Visual Studio 2013 IDE crashed by exception in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Platform.VSEditor.dll
DPD200361383 Fortran Compilation aborted: error #6401: The attributes of this name conflict with those made accessible by a USE statement
DPD200361393 C++, C include-dirs are not passed correctly
DPD200361454 C __assume_aligned causing compilation error due to "copy prop" optimization phase
DPD200361544 C Internal Compiler Error with cache_dir_contents option for directories that are not readable
DPD200361651 Fortran, C ifort 15.0 correctness regession on RRTMG radiation kernel per HPO Vectorizer vector loop case
DPD200361811 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows Feature Request: Request to support OFFLOAD_INIT on Windows
DPD200361949 Fortran Vectorizer regression decompress loop
DPD200362185 Fortran [L10N-15.0] A part of the Fortran command line help is reverted to English
DPD200362187 Fortran, C++ [L10N-15.0] GUI Install: EULA has inappropriate line breaks
DPD200362199 Fortran, C [L10N-15.0] Some resource files contains old Japanese library names
DPD200362200 C, C++, Fortran [L10N-15.0] Japanese EULA has duplicated texts
DPD200362266 C++, C [L10N-15.0] In Visual Studio's about dialog, product name is not translated
DPD200383840 Fortran SEGV for WORKSHARE and Fortran Array Notations
DPD200515746 C++ LINK : fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error
DPD200529233 C++ C++ non-POD type not allowed for (first)private?
DPD200533560 C++ SEGV through optimization (unsigned int induction variable type)
DPD200534346 C++, C Eclipse* compiler plug-in does not work correctly
DPD200534796 C gcc*-compatibility bug: Brace-initialized structs containing constexpr members require dynamic (runtime) initialization
DPD200537535 C++ thread_local storage causes double free or corruption at exit
DPD200539008 Fortran, C++, C Compiler plug-in for Eclipse 4.4 CDT 8.2 missing
DPD200539828 C++, C -Werror -w does not ignore warnings
DPD200540504 C Visual Studio Integration: Intel IPP environment disappears with v120_xp platform setting
DPD200541680 C gcc incompatibility: Error with use of this in non static data member initializers & member variables initialized with lambda
DPD200542049 C Incorrect vectorization for -O3 with complex number sample.
DPD200542176 C++ Vtable is not hidden with -fvisibility=hidden


Initial Release (Posted August 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200009607 C++ ntohs and ntohl functions optimization proposal - intrinsics needed
DPD200023012 C++ internal error
DPD200024663 Fortran parameterized derived types
DPD200027605 C++ Performance Issue with complex norm in icc because of unsupported flag
DPD200032492 Fortran WORKSHARE does not share work amongst threads
DPD200040695 C, C++, Fortran minor issues with new processor-specific switches
DPD200045053 Fortran Feature Request: implementation of simplified OpenMP* WORKSHARE directive
DPD200051024 C invalid warning on template nesting depth of friend not matching complete parametization
DPD200111137 C, C++ __declspec(selectany) doesn't seem to have an effect as expected
DPD200111645 Fortran Excessive compile time on large file initializing block data.
DPD200111741 C++ Make it easier to build with Microsoft*-built STLPort/boost libs
DPD200118209 Fortran ifort should not allow non NULL() initialization for derived type pointer component
DPD200137172 Fortran Fortran 2008: The block construct - in some future release
DPD200138545 Fortran Changing code at breakpoint breaks execution sync to source
DPD200139024 Fortran Feature Request: Give standards warning for combination of EOR with ADVANCE='YES'
DPD200140348 Fortran Feature Request: An extension to the -opt-report-file=
DPD200140499 C++ "vector deleting destructor" misused
DPD200141539 C slower performance comparing to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008*
DPD200148785 Fortran Feature Request: syntax of -opt-report is not similar with the syntax of all other -report options
DPD200149051 Fortran SIMD pragma should work with WHERE and FORALL statements and array assignment
DPD200150986 C C++ Front End needs to get a countable loop for C++ random access iterator same as C++ Front End did for Cilk_for loop with C++ iterator
DPD200151743 C Comment confuses compiler in presence of "/=" operator
DPD200152622 Fortran, C, C++ Picky syntax for -opt-report level
DPD200154401 C++ c++0x: The icc compiler doesn't support raw-string and unicode literals
DPD200156411 Fortran ifort must not accept arguments to ASSOCIATED with different rank
DPD200156486 Fortran Internal compiler error involving integer parameter array with reshape expression
DPD200157846 Fortran No standards warning for missing :: in procedure foo => bar in type-bound procedure
DPD200158137 Fortran Feature Request: Display traceback after arg_temp_created diagnostic
DPD200164432 C, C++ OS X* options gcc* accepts that icc doesn't understand
DPD200166159 Fortran No symbol cross-reference info for main program unit without an explicit program statement.
DPD200167190 Fortran Switch -gen-dep creates useless dependencies from and to temporary files
DPD200170042 Fortran Incorrect error 5274 for continued free-form line with no & on continued line
DPD200170231 Fortran [Feature Request] Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* language editor - code autocompletion
DPD200170271 Fortran Fixed-form parse confusion for variable declaration that sort-of looks like function
DPD200171568 Fortran Request to not warn when optional arguements are not used.
DPD200173379 Fortran PACK of derived type with allocatable character component does not allocate new storage
DPD200174265 C++, C Feature Request: option to customize .dyn file names to start with a specified name
DPD200174697 C++ Request support for c++11 keyword "thread_local"
DPD200174760 C, C++ Feature Request: support gcc option -Wchar-subscripts
DPD200174934 C, C++ ICC pre-defined macros cannot be recognized by Visual Studio* Editor
DPD200175268 Fortran ALLOCATE of array with allocatable component, SOURCE=RESHAPE(array element) does not allocate new storage
DPD200176148 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for CHARACTER(LEN=) in subroutine with /debug:full
DPD200176246 Fortran Feature Request: Support "New project from existing code"
DPD200179557 C eliminate unnecessary upconvert to SI32
DPD200179651 Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) - Unresolved reference to host-side API OFFLOAD_NUMBER_OF_DEVICES() when no offload directives are present
DPD200179828 C++ internal error: 0_0
DPD200179860 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture loop was not vectorized: data type unsupported
DPD200180210 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request - Support using a single pointer element from an array of pointers when transferring offload data
DPD200180405 Fortran Diagnostic message 8290 inappropriate for F format
DPD200180670 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ALLOCATE(A(*)) or A(:)) with SOURCE= an allocatable function
DPD200180997 Fortran Can't get traceback on Intel(R) MIC Architecture with check bounds
DPD200181415 C++ 13% performance regression in 13.0 beta due to redundant memory loads.
DPD200232355 Fortran Performance regression: passing user defined type with allocatable arrays to function
DPD200233770 Fortran Memory leak if early Exit occurs when -heap-arrays used
DPD200234352 C++ Pointer Checker: Feature Request: Need a way to mask/suppress results to just interested modules/binaries
DPD200235019 C, C++ Feature Request for better in-program function call backtrace capability
DPD200235421 Fortran Missing error for passing procedure to procedure pointer when dummy argument characteristics are not the same
DPD200235439 Fortran NEW_LINE not recognized as allowed in constant expressions
DPD200235770 Fortran Inappropriate F08 standards warnings for many F08 features
DPD200236021 Fortran MOVE_ALLOC does not update size of polymorphic array
DPD200236716 Fortran Latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 integration does not print in color
DPD200237118 Fortran erroneous error for select type when selector is an encapsulated function
DPD200237400 Fortran Target attribute lost when target returned by function as selector
DPD200237442 Fortran Illegal ambiguous type bound generics not detected
DPD200237947 C++ Pointer Checker: memcmp wrapper 2 pointer problem
DPD200237963 Fortran fpp macro __TIMESTAMP__ is missing
DPD200238155 Fortran subscript too complex
DPD200238261 Fortran, C++ Error 8414 for OPEN(NEWUNIT= not followed immediately by FILE=
DPD200238828 Fortran Bad standards warning #7374 for SIGN with RANGE() as second argument
DPD200239101 C++, C Feature Request: adding "Intel(R) C++ Composer XE 2013 for vs2010" toolset in VS2012
DPD200239116 C++ intrinsic 'may_i_use_cpu_feature' causes Internal Compiler Error in 'Hoist Optimize Branches'
DPD200239788 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on Linux*, no error on Windows*, when structure constructor in constant expression has non-NULL value for allocatable component
DPD200239947 C icc 13.0 and restrict keyword...
DPD200240524 C++ Irrelevant OpenMP message with KMP_AFFINITY.
DPD200240531 C++, C Wrong value using unsigned long
DPD200240764 Fortran Feature Request: Improved souce code navigation in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
DPD200240780 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture dlclose call hangs if .so contains an offload clause.
DPD200240855 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ASSOCIATE with selector that is array with vector subscript
DPD200241303 Fortran internal compiler error when function result size is defined by import variable
DPD200241438 C++ Weighted option used result in 20% TPC-H, requested improvement at default
DPD200241665 Fortran Fortran 2008 Corrigendum 2 - Relaxation of restrictions on CONTIGUOUS
DPD200242120 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: A SIMD private array results in an internal error
DPD200242602 C Pointer Checker: Customer needs way of turning off dangling pointer checking
DPD200242672 C, C++ Requests for Pointer Checker output I/O customization
DPD200242689 C, C++ Request to disable pointer checking over specific function or section of code while allowing make/kill of bounds
DPD200242844 C++ /MP not completely fixed in icl- Build 20130313
DPD200242869 Fortran, C++, C Allow OFFLOAD_DEVICES to specify "no devices"
DPD200243198 Fortran Incorrect implementation of DCLOCK - doesn't match documentation and doesn't handle spans of more than one day
DPD200243347 C++ CHECK POINTER: strcmp call to wrapper not generated by compiler
DPD200243368 Fortran Bogus standards warning 7953
DPD200243576 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with -syntax-only and preprocessor not run
DPD200243710 C++ Compiler wrongly gives an error for ambiguous symbols when using the friend keyword in combination with namespaces
DPD200243714 C++ Feature Request Pointer Checker: API for resizing memory regions
DPD200243783 Fortran Procedure pointer marked as associated after separate procedure pointer given procedure
DPD200244230 Fortran Feature Request: Option to set $(TargetName) for Fortran projects
DPD200244314 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: generic assignment to variable length character string
DPD200244417 Fortran Bogus standards warning 6931 for defined type-bound assignment of string to derived type
DPD200244422 Fortran Missing error for MOVE_ALLOC with INTENT(IN) argument(s)
DPD200244479 C Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel(R) AVX2) code generated by ICL are slower than Microsoft Visual Studio 2012*
DPD200244553 Fortran C_FUNLOC awkward behavior
DPD200244556 C Locals from inlined subroutine doesn't have proper SIMD "private" classification
DPD200244598 C, C++, Fortran Vectorization and optimization reports should be consolidated into one report
DPD200244600 C++ Inclusion of vectorization and optimization report information in the object file
DPD200244756 C++ gdb/breakpoint.c:7365: internal-error: expand_line_sal_maybe: Assertion `found' failed.
DPD200244921 C, C++ _Pragma not expanded to pragma directive when preprocessing
DPD200244953 C++ xiar -qlink-name is very slow
DPD200245026 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - internal compiler error when LOC used in OFFLOAD directive SIGNAL clause
DPD200245029 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - erroneous warning #8565 issued for global variable not used in offloaded code
DPD200245091 Fortran Feature Request: update '/MP' to allow "threaded" compilation of codes with "modules" (i.e. dependencies).
DPD200245176 Fortran OPTIONAL dummy argument as type-param-value in ALLOCATE gets error 6582
DPD200245213 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture signal 11 (SIGSEGV) on device 0 when using nocopy and accessing the same pointer data loaded to multiple cards
DPD200245313 Fortran null pointer as dummy argument causes SIGSEV
DPD200245352 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture ATTRIBUTES OFFLOAD triggers error #5157 when appearing before long continued declaration line
DPD200245366 C++ icl 14.0 beta issue with multi-line raw string literals
DPD200245371 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Provide signal/wait details available with H_TRACE under the OFFLOAD_REPORT
DPD200245436 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - OPTIONAL/MANDATORY not accepted when appearing after TARGET and offload construct contains #ifdef
DPD200245518 Fortran Incorrect name conflict between variable and type bound procedure.
DPD200245623 C++ Interprocedural Optimization link swallows object files without global symbols in --whole-archive inputs
DPD200245751 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) - offload error: cannot create pipeline w/multiple threads calling offload_transfer
DPD200245800 C Compiler hangs with hug archive file (> 2G)
DPD200245869 Fortran -warn:interfaces seems to disturb the !dec$ define macros
DPD200245880 Fortran vector attribute not passed through explicit interface when module is used
DPD200245899 C, C++ /Quse-intel-optimized-headers adds wrong default libs when linking Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel(R) IPP) threaded static libs
DPD200246054 Fortran -openmp-threadprivate compat prevents block data initialization of threadprivate common
DPD200246101 Fortran -assume realloc_lhs does not allocate correct size
DPD200246273 Fortran Use-associated name in doubly nested contained procedure not seen
DPD200246384 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: use only with interface and arrays
DPD200246433 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qcoarray /debug
DPD200246456 Fortran Incorrect code triggers Internal Compiler Error instead of error
DPD200246720 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with is_contiguous intrinsics with illegal format
DPD200246817 Fortran Error 6683 for TYPE IS with use-associated constant in type-spec
DPD200246824 C++ loop using lambda for loop body fails to vectorize
DPD200246973 Fortran Incorrect ifort "error #6410" for "cos" function.
DPD200247010 Fortran, C++, C 14.0 localization: some diagnostics are not translated in Japanese
DPD200247222 Fortran Invalid error 6536 with USE, ONLY of COMMON variable with only one variable in COMMON block
DPD200247552 C++, C, Fortran Install should be clearer when user is changing install directory to avoid mistakenly duplicating directory names
DPD200247806 Fortran Confusing warning with ifort
DPD200247861 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for invalid use of type-bound procedure in array constructor
DPD200247912 Fortran Missing error for call of TBP passing procedure argument with mismatched interface
DPD200247914 Fortran Missing/wrong error for mixing subroutines and functions in a generic
DPD200247989 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Possible missed optimization storing result to temporary
DPD200247990 Fortran Issue with deallocation
DPD200248286 Fortran Internal compiler error - possibly related to use of FORCEINLINE
DPD200248292 Fortran NOOA bit-for-bit reproducibility Feature Request
DPD200248361 Fortran multiple issues with SELECTED_CHAR_KIND- should accept "ISO_10646", unresolved reference etc
DPD200248381 C Improve fault tolerance of stack trace code
DPD200248421 Fortran Error 6623 for generic declaration with PROCEDURE naming explicit interface
DPD200248462 C++, C constexpr not working with __uuidof
DPD200248496 Fortran Missing error for ALLOCATE(A(:N))
DPD200248722 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: " bad var for 3-line code
DPD200248780 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in mainline, nightly 14, 14.0 and 13.1
DPD200248823 Fortran Malformed ASSOCIATED usage triggers internal compiler error
DPD200248826 Fortran Error 7892 when passing intrinsic function as argument where dummy declared PURE
DPD200248921 C++ Bug in OpenMP firstprivate implementation
DPD200248986 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when generic interface used for procedure with alternate return
DPD200248989 Fortran Traceback prematurely terminated on Windows/x86
DPD200249147 Fortran ifort- compile time regression wrt ifort-
DPD200249153 Fortran 14.0 vectorization regression 2x perf loss due to unnecessary permuted loop creation
DPD200249354 C++ Ambiguity between templated member operators and free templated operators when -std=gnu++0x specified
DPD200249371 Fortran ifort: Internal compiler error
DPD200249412 Fortran Internal compiler error for structure constructor
DPD200249413 Fortran internal compiler error with derived type I/O on an abstract type
DPD200249430 C Cache directory entries to reduce system calls for include directory lookups
DPD200249442 C++ problem with floating point literals in constant expression in Microsoft* mode
DPD200249459 Fortran Module variable rename for unique derived types produces error #8032 - Generic procedure reference has two or more specific procedure...
DPD200249466 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for call to type-bound procedure of derived type array element
DPD200249474 Fortran Presence of unallocated finalizable variable results in double-finalization of other variable
DPD200249493 Fortran Incorrect associated status after deallocate for derived-type scalar pointer P
DPD200249495 C++ Inliner (?) generates infinite loop
DPD200249497 C++ Support of thread-local variables on OS X
DPD200249503 C++ Compile error on mainline
DPD200249510 Fortran Unnecessary stack temp created for CONTIGUOUS assumed-shape argument in READ
DPD200249515 Fortran Arguments passed or received incorrectly with assumed-length character pointer argument
DPD200249671 Fortran IFORT: catastrophic error at Fortran front end
DPD200249702 C++, Fortran OS X compilers C++ and Fortran, remove link crt1.0 dependence
DPD200249703 Fortran Internal Compiler Error calling generic TBP of a derived-type PARAMETER
DPD200249725 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload_signaled malfunction in Fortran
DPD200249841 Fortran Syntax error for logical expression in ALLOCATE(SOURCE=)
DPD200249847 C++ icc 14.0 SEGV when using static __thread variables with the gold ELF linker
DPD200249848 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for recursive function
DPD200249881 C icc 14.0 IEEE754-2008* Floating Point Library bugs
DPD200249925 Fortran Allocate with source does not preserve specified bound for array of class
DPD200249951 C++ 14.0 drivers Internal Compiler Error internal error: Assertion failed
DPD200249961 Fortran IFORT: Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200249970 Fortran, C++ no static version of the Intel(R) MIC Architecture libiomp5 library shipped with the compiler
DPD200250031 Fortran Internal compiler error for OpenMP ATOMIC WRITE of CHARACTER
DPD200250067 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Multiple IN/OUT with INTO() disallowed on the same OFFLOAD directive
DPD200250069 Fortran Internal compiler error while doing pack symbol table optimization phase
DPD200250110 C++ OS X C++11 features require -stdlib=libc++ which should now be default for icpc on OS X platforms
DPD200250112 Fortran ifort 14.0.1 Internal Compiler Error on module doing arithmetic on array expressions
DPD200250143 Fortran Backwards rename of user-defined operator causes Internal Compiler Error
DPD200250145 Fortran Initialization of equivalenced variable overridden by -zero
DPD200250169 Fortran Local, allocatable coarray not deallocated on routine exit
DPD200250176 Fortran Access violation for ASSOCIATED of procedure pointer with abstract interface
DPD200250177 Fortran Wrong results for TRANSPOSE(RESHAPE())
DPD200250220 Fortran Error 6404 for function with specification-part, RESULT and IMPLICIT NONE
DPD200250276 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200250299 C Performance regression with and -xavx -openmp
DPD200250346 Fortran ALLOCATE statement generates error #8152
DPD200250382 Fortran Error 6633 with generated interface when type of dummy argument comes from module being compiled
DPD200250387 Fortran ALLOCATE of coarray with array shape taken from SOURCE= leads to access violation
DPD200250454 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - Incorrect results/crash accessing a DLL module-based variable within an offload region
DPD200250517 Fortran Invalid error 8194 for OpenMP COLLAPSE with non-block DO
DPD200250625 Fortran ifort 14.0 problem with recognizing type-bound operator
DPD200250640 Fortran Compiler does not parallelize OpenMP unless loops removed
DPD200250671 Fortran Erroneous copyprivate error
DPD200250676 C++ weak_ptr is thread unsafe when compiled with -restrict
DPD200250702 C warning #10120 missing in icc versions 13.0 and 14.0
DPD200250703 C Internal error on 32-bit OS for complex by value parameters
DPD200250741 Fortran Highlight Matching Tokens doesn't recognize DO CONCURRENT or FORALL
DPD200250749 Fortran Source control issues with Fortran projects, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013*, Team Foundation Server
DPD200250751 Fortran Wrong results generated with -O2
DPD200250854 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - xiar/xild not finding newly named/pathed k1om-mpss-linux-ar.exe under Intel(R) Manycore Platform Software Stack (Intel(R) MPSS) 3.1.x
DPD200250935 Fortran Internal compiler error 010101_13220 on OpenMP ATOMIC READ and check all enabled.
DPD200250944 C++ Initialization of private variables for MPC privatization
DPD200250964 Fortran MATMUL of coindexed coarray gets bounds error
DPD200251097 C++ std::convertible is not returning the right value
DPD200251101 C Intel compiler cannot create position independent executable for Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200252252 Fortran Internal Compiler Error occurs when -fpp -extend-source applied
DPD200252253 C Interprocedural Optimization breaks alignment by resetting VAR's offset
DPD200252269 C++ rvalue move constructor bug
DPD200252300 C++, C Header File Modifications and Recompilation Trouble Using 14.0 compiler and Xcode 5*
DPD200252333 C internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1178
DPD200252335 Fortran ifort accepts non-conforming INTERFACE using extensible argument types as subroutine arguments
DPD200252338 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Windows - Static lib build fails due to mangled path when building under Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
DPD200252371 C++, C automatic code dispatching for Haswell (-axcore-avx2) causes code to die by illegal instruction
DPD200252407 Fortran ifort 14.0 incorrect output OpenMP 4.0* Example 48.4f
DPD200252449 C incorrect output OpenMP 4.0 Example 48.1.c
DPD200252452 C Intel(R) C compiler fails OpenMP 4.0 Example 48.2c
DPD200252517 C, C++ icc: fastcall attribute causes internal error: bad pointer
DPD200252595 Fortran inconsistent documentation and deprecation/removal of Qfpp options
DPD200252621 Fortran Memory leak for deallocation of pointer to type with CLASS component, other errors
DPD200252631 Fortran Coarray bug swapping lines causes undesirable behavior
DPD200252655 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture error: cannot overload functions distinguished by return type alone (xtgmath.h - pow/_GENERIC_MATH2_CALL)
DPD200252656 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload shared_allocator error: namespace "std" has no member "__throw_bad_alloc" on Windows
DPD200252680 C++ Default destructor doesn't have noexcept flag
DPD200252719 C, C++ Add call of "for__continue_traceback" to error path on host-side of offload application
DPD200252739 C++ problem with virtual dispatch with virtual inheritance in GNU mode
DPD200252783 Fortran Incorrect vectorization of outer loop after complete unroll of inner
DPD200252810 Fortran Missing "input conversion error" on list-directed read if more values read
DPD200252838 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for TRANSPOSE of a coarray
DPD200252841 Fortran Vectorizer doesn't use 64 bits to calculate array index
DPD200252920 Fortran Optimization leads to infinite loop
DPD200253045 Fortran Allocatable components of INTENT(OUT) argument not deallocated on entry
DPD200253067 Fortran Parsing confusion with OpenMP TASK SHARED(alloc)
DPD200253121 Fortran Access violation on LEN(TRIM(ADJUSTL())) in specification expression with OpenMP enabled
DPD200253159 Fortran LOC of CLASS object in subroutine, passed TYPE, returns address of descriptor, not object
DPD200253318 Fortran ifort 14.0.1 Fortran front end wrong indentation with associate
DPD200253408 C++ load/store optimizations disablade on code generation for user defined vector class
DPD200253433 C icl 14.0.1 fails to return error code with /MP and breaks nmake
DPD200253435 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for MOVE_ALLOC of character allocatable component of derived type
DPD200253440 Fortran different divide results at -O0 from -O3 with -fp-model precise due to x87 usage and double rounding
DPD200253484 Fortran ifort: incorrect warning #6717: This name has not been given an explicit type.
DPD200253540 Fortran ifort: inconsistent Fortran 2008 compliance warnings on array constructor
DPD200253561 C icc 14.0: Incorrect __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ preprocessor value
DPD200253579 C++ ASSOCIATED with TARGET of function reference returning pointer to derived type gives incorrect result
DPD200253583 C gcc compatibility: request to disable remark #177 for deleted functions in unnamed namespace
DPD200253589 Fortran ifort fails to detect that a TBP invocation is a subroutine, not a function
DPD200253673 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200253694 C++ Extremely slow exception handling code generated for -g -O0
DPD200253698 C error in OpenMP runtime: threadprivate variables not threadprivate
DPD200253712 C++, C Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 atl com dll project build error in debug config
DPD200253724 Fortran Missing error for different dummy argument characteristics for overriding type-bound procedure
DPD200253774 C++ Switch -tcollect causes compilation to die because of heap corruption
DPD200253796 C++ bogus syntax error on default argument of template template parameter in Microsoft* mode
DPD200253873 C++ Microsoft incompatibility on template deduction involving const pointer with member function pointer
DPD200253878 C compiler warning typo '-marchnative' should be '-march=native'
DPD200253922 C++ /Zp8 causes static assertion
DPD200253981 Fortran Length type parameter inquiry triggers internal compiler error
DPD200254005 Fortran Data corruption with stream formatted non-advancing READ
DPD200254035 Fortran ifort: select type construct gives wrong output for non-contiguous array subsections.
DPD200254088 C++ icc vectorizes the loop incorrectly
DPD200254164 C Internal Compiler Error (14.0 production, 15.0 nightly)
DPD200254167 C++, C fail to build Intel® Graphics Technology sample in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 IDE
DPD200254179 Fortran, C++ Math library DLL version numbers not updated, creates inconsistency between compiler install and Shared Libraries
DPD200254183 C, C++ gcc defines add _mm256_insert_epiXX and _mm256_extract_epiXX but icc doesn't
DPD200254197 C++ Incorrect result if SIMD loop is strip mined
DPD200254210 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on associated pointer
DPD200254279 Fortran Go To Definition does not work on type extends
DPD200254361 Fortran ifort 14.0.2 error #7146: This object must not be used as an allocate-object
DPD200254368 Fortran Internal Compiler Error results with test case containing errors #8212 and #6593
DPD200254375 C++ After upgrading Xcode* to 5.1 the icc 14.x compiler doesn't show up in Xcode any more
DPD200254399 C Internal Compiler Error in symbol_tbl.c on call to __is_trivally_constructible type trait
DPD200254500 C++ icc doesn't compile variadic templates expression in 'noexcept' specification for template methods (C++11)
DPD200254533 Fortran offload from OpenMP parallel region fails
DPD200254546 C icpc 14.0.2 crash: internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe.....
DPD200254556 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 IDE "Link only" command will delete all intermediate files and issue errors.
DPD200254612 C "#pragma omp parallel for" generates NO open mp calls on Intel(R) MIC Architecture under certain conditions (deeply nested templates)
DPD200254691 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for assignment of CMPLX() to complex allocatable array with -assume realloc_lhs
DPD200254753 C++ Incorrect compiler remark re unused variable with icc 14.0/gcc 4.8*
DPD200254762 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Internal Compiler Error: #20000_0: Unable to locate base VAR of an offloaded EXPR
DPD200254763 C++ optimization bug-double free or corruption (fasttop)
DPD200254809 Fortran OpenMP 4.0 DECLARE TARGET with SAVE results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200254817 Fortran Errors in IFOPNGL module
DPD200254833 C internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/lower_il.c", line 2257
DPD200254870 C trivial OpenMP program causes assertion failure in OMP library in case OMP_PLACES is set
DPD200254915 Fortran ifort 14.0.2 comp fail to detect module variable needing !$omp declare target leads to runtime error
DPD200254996 Fortran High Level Optimization: Internal compiler error at Unroll Jam phase.
DPD200255040 Fortran ifort: defined operator wasn't accepted.
DPD200255042 C++ performance regression: one loop of random number generator no longer vectorized
DPD200255086 Fortran "-no-simd" disable some loop optimizations in code without SIMD pragam.
DPD200255118 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for program where rank of coarray actual argument doesn't match rank of dummy argument
DPD200255119 Fortran CLOSE of already closed unit from NEWUNIT= incorrectly gives error
DPD200255134 C++ internal error with explicit call to defaulted destructor on Windows (Microsoft object model bug)
DPD200255159 Fortran Fortran 2003 relaxed restriction on RECURSIVE specification functions
DPD200255187 Fortran ISO_Fortran_Env Does Not Define IOSTAT_INQUIRE_INTERNAL_UNIT
DPD200255190 Fortran Internal error using structure constructor in user-defined constructor
DPD200255191 Fortran Spurious error #6593 for array section argument use with structure constructor
DPD200255210 Fortran Document maximum character value length
DPD200255239 C++, C Invalid missing constructor reported when using a deleted copy constructor
DPD200255246 Fortran Unexpected compile-time errors related to ASSOCIATE statement use in a PURE procedure
DPD200255414 Fortran ifort 14.0.2 Internal Compiler Error DOING [Code Generation] use def optimizations (170)
DPD200255481 Fortran Internal compiler error in text_get_string() setting dummy array argument size based on LEN of character string
DPD200255482 Fortran Internal compiler error abort in source using reshape/shape
DPD200255485 Fortran Internal compiler error in setting variable size using LEN_TRIM with dummy argument
DPD200255486 Fortran Internal compiler error in source related to SHAPE use in declaration
DPD200255487 Fortran Incorrect results with FORALL and array section overlap
DPD200255521 C icl 14/15 incorrect outputs per distributon of OpenMP loop
DPD200255524 C Suboptimal Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) code generated
DPD200255525 Fortran compile time regression in Vectorizer
DPD200255546 C, C++ icc 15.0.0 Internal Compiler Error 04010002_1529 -- taking address of global "register array"
DPD200255547 C++, C No lvalue in asm for multidimensional array
DPD200255548 C++ Virtual inheritance with class function does not offload
DPD200255604 Fortran Compiler directives continued across multiple lines are not shaded bold green
DPD200255662 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows: undefined reference to symbol '__gxx_personality_v0@@CXXABI_1.3'
DPD200255678 Fortran /MP multiprocessor Visual Studio compilation sometimes gets errors writing temporary files
DPD200255683 Fortran Regression: Use of SIMD directive with ifort 15.0 beta compiler results in incorrect output
DPD200255719 Fortran ifort: incorrect error issued for an object use associated twice with different identifiers
DPD200255720 Fortran Vectorizer causes incorrect result.
DPD200255745 Fortran ifort versions 14.0/15.0 bogus error 'POINTER/POINTEE symbols have different visibility attributes'
DPD200255749 C++ Support for explicit keyword in parametrized (member template) conversion operators
DPD200255751 C++ icpc Internal Compiler Error assertion failed on union aggregate initializer
DPD200255793 C Runtime crash with 15.0 Beta
DPD200255832 Fortran Inappropriate and misworded error 8276 when overridden type-bound procedure adds PURE attribute
DPD200255847 C, C++ Change to -ansi-alias switch not documented correctly in 'help' messages and "man" page
DPD200255883 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload: Internal error ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200255895 Fortran Prefetch directive not accepted after an OMP SIMD directive
DPD200255912 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Windows Compiling with /Qmic -nologo reports unknown option only with icl
DPD200255926 Fortran /list-line-len and /list-page-len seem to be ignored
DPD200255931 Fortran Internal compiler error in Vectorizer
DPD200255933 Fortran Privatization of Common Block results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200255937 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler 15.0 beta
DPD200255939 Fortran Compiler loops for source compiled with /warn:interface
DPD200255963 Fortran Assignment to an allocatable array not working (using -assume realloc_lhs)
DPD200255987 Fortran Excessive compile time in Vectorizer when compiling at -O2
DPD200255992 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture signal used in offload should be added outer enclosing omp parallel construct
DPD200256014 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Calling _Offload_report(0) when OFFLOAD_REPORT=3 triggers run-time seg-fault
DPD200256015 Fortran Incorrect results, access violation for various ASSOCIATED tests on polymorphic pointers
DPD200256037 Fortran Memory leak with -heap-arrays 1024
DPD200256051 C icc 15.0 beta: C++ Compiler regression - crashing w/internal error: 101003_17
DPD200256056 C++ compiler dies by access violations and/or internal errrors when compiling C++11 source files in parallel
DPD200256124 C icc not detecting duplicate variables in OMP target update clause
DPD200256177 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Symbol defined in discarded section error when Offload Directives used in Inline Function in Template Class
DPD200256178 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - incorrect use of _mm512_mask_permute4f128_epi32 (needs 4 arguments) in micvec.h
DPD200256180 Fortran PDT ( parameterized derived types): Defined default length parameter ignored at allocate statement
DPD200256204 Fortran Heap corruption on deallocate of polymorphic with procedure pointer component, allocated with SOURCE=
DPD200256205 Fortran Have -warn unused warn about unused ONLY names
DPD200256240 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - xilib fails to find ar.exe with building a static library w/offloaded code on Windows
DPD200256250 C Segmentation Fault with 15.0 Beta
DPD200256291 C++ icl 14/15 FE assertion compiling class with private explicitly-defaulted destructor
DPD200256296 Fortran Fortran project compiled with ifort 15.0 beta produces incorrect output
DPD200256396 Fortran Ifort: Fatal error in fortcom.
DPD200256416 C Different results with 15.0 Vectorizer causes regression
DPD200256433 Fortran Compress structure is not vectorized
DPD200256464 Fortran SORTQQ broken for INTEGER(8)
DPD200256512 Fortran Error 8486 for reference to generic TBP accessed through pointer component same name as type
DPD200256573 C, C++ Internal error: 010101_239
DPD200256646 C++ OS X compatiblity -- allow opaque enums to be part of other declarations in Clang mode
DPD200256652 C++ access violation on Windows when return std::initializer list object containing dtor
DPD200256709 C++ Warning #1479 on complex variadic lambda
DPD200256762 Fortran Internal compiler errors
DPD200256803 C++ Unnecessary #411 warning when using initializer lists and -Wuninitialized
DPD200256830 Fortran Access violation when passing REAL(unlpoly) to unlimited polymorphic argument
DPD200256857 C++ Internal Compiler Error with -Qstd=c++11 -Qgcc-dialect
DPD200256913 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for erroneous block IF without THEN
DPD200257016 Fortran Internal compiler error related to allocatable/intent out dummy argument of type that contains FINAL procedure
DPD200257062 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2* breaks Fortran x64 debugging, variables show Undefined Address
DPD200257093 Fortran Simple OpenMP program gets access violation in for_dealloc_allocatable (with many large memory allocations)
DPD200257140 Fortran fredist.txt on Windows missing some redistributable libraries
DPD200257218 C++ SIMD loop has 3x performance regression
DPD200257252 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture ipo warning #11021 issued for unresolved symbols in the MIC-side binary that are only expected to be in CPU-side binary
DPD200257259 Fortran option -standard-semantics and -assume ieee_fpe_flags
DPD200294372 C++, C Compiler creates unaligned acces resulting in GP fault
DPD200295115 C __builtin_signbit does not work with long double value -1.0L
DPD200321626 C++ Stepping does not work (virtual methods in multiple inheritance)
DPD200327466 C++, C compiler should support __builtin_flt_rounds()
DPD200332780 Fortran Typo in Fortran program causes Internal Compiler Error
DPD200342942 C Temp w/o DD_REF
DPD200352074 C xilib doesn't support static lib generation with #pragma offload target(Intel Graphics Technology) code
DPD200356152 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload: Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(R) TBB) library could not be found when iostream header is included
DPD200356158 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload: offload works incorrect in case of offloading field of data structure
DPD200357363 Fortran MOVE_ALLOC argument intent error checking too strict; error message issued is inaccurate
DPD200357420 C++ pragma SIMD vectorization produces incorrect result with local 2D arrays
DPD200357428 C++ type_traits(599): error : access violation (XL#54043)
DPD200357527 C Internal error loop: assertion failed: find_seq_in_lookup_table: seq_number not found (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 3918
DPD200357580 C++, C Interprocedural Optimization segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200357586 C++ SIMD loop performance regression
DPD200357624 C++ internal error: 20000_27078
DPD200357673 C++, C IDE: Intel(R) TBB includes are not set when one config of the configs is set to use Microsoft Visual C* & Intel(R) TBB
DPD200357677 Fortran Missing documentation from man page: -qopenmp
DPD200357710 C++ Deprecated compiler option is used internally when compiled for Offload on Windows
DPD200357711 C++ Selection of Intel(R) TBB in "Intel Performance Libraries" tab doesn't add /Qtbb switch
DPD200357728 Fortran Memory leak in handling strings
DPD200357766 C++ invalid redeclaration of function which uses a value containing a dependent nontype template arguments
DPD200357770 C++, C missing Intel(R) IPP includes for configs set to use Microsoft Visual C
DPD200357781 C Generate gotpcrel relocation against static routine when -fvisibility=protected
DPD200357790 C++ failure to built offload solution with a static library
DPD200358057 Fortran ifort 15.0 beta dynamic runtime not backward compatible with 14.0
DPD200358169 C Segmentation fault in __intel_sse2_strcat Linux IA32
DPD200358405 Fortran Visual Studio formatter with comments generates incorrect indentation
DPD200388855 C++ implicitly virtual function cannot be declared with "abstract" or "sealed" (final) modifier
DPD200390013 C extra instruction generation polluting cache
DPD200390417 C++ error #3377: constexpr function return is non-constant should only be error in strict mode for function templates
DPD200390421 Fortran OpenMP SEGV: use of private class type pointer
DPD200405203 C++ HPO Vectorizer: ": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200507906 Fortran Reading an array of complex variables is slow (even with buffering)
DPD200511191 C Vectorizer problem: When upper bits are zero, lower 32-bits are duplicated in 64-bit integers
DPD200511945 C++ Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus #pragma simd reduction does not support min/max
DPD200515852 C++ enum class: error : expression must have a constant value
DPD200516926 C++, Fortran, C profmerge fail: *** glibc detected *** profmerge: double free or corruption
DPD200521832   Internal compiler error with -QxAVX and -QxCORE-AVX2 and absdif idiom
DPD200522781 C Operand size mismatch for several Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) instructions
DPD200522986 C++ Destructor called twice
DPD200524042 C++ [2015 BETA]: ": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **
DPD200525500 C++ GNU* compatibility -- allow const variables to be used in lambdas without adding them to the capture list
DPD200525561 C++ error: no instance of constructor "std::atomic::atomic" matches the argument list
DPD200525572 C++ spurious error on use of final with member class template
DPD200526303 Fortran ifort does not support -MMD -MF
DPD200527469 C++ instead of 64 bit bsf instruction the compiler generates 2 32 bit bsf instructions
DPD200530137 C++ template specialization does not work for __func__ and operator<<
DPD200531701 C++ internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/lower_il.c", line 21658
DPD200531742 C SIMD loop creates inefficient and 5x bigger code using Intel(R) AVX2 compared to ivdep/vector aligned
DPD200532569 C++ code aborts execution
DPD200532919 Fortran reduction memref under condition not guarded in initial value read, yielding to SEGV
DPD200532922 C [gcc compatibility] add option -fno-eliminate-unused-debug-types for additional debug information such as nested class info
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