Forms the 1-norm of the complex vector using the true absolute value.


float scsum1(const MKL_INT*n, const MKL_Complex8*cx, const MKL_INT*incx)

double dzsum1(const MKL_INT*n, const MKL_Complex16*cx, const MKL_INT*incx)

Include Files

  • mkl.h


Given a complex vector cx, scsum1/dzsum1 functions take the sum of the absolute values of vector elements and return a single/double precision result, respectively. These functions are based on scasum/dzasum from Level 1 BLAS, but use the true absolute value and were designed for use with clacon/zlacon.

Input Parameters


Specifies the number of elements in the vector cx.


Array, size at least (1+(n-1)*abs(incx)).

Contains the input vector whose elements will be summed.


Specifies the spacing between successive elements of cx (incx > 0).

Return Values

Sum of absolute values.

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