Specifying Include Files

The Intel® C++ Compiler searches the default system areas for include files and whatever is specified by the I compiler option. The compiler searches directories for include files in the following order:

  1. Directories specified by the I option

  2. Directories specified in the environment variables

  3. Default include directory

Use the X option to remove default directories from the include file search path.

For example, to direct the compiler to search the path /alt/include instead of the default path, do the following:


//  (Linux* OS and OS X* with EDG compiler)
icpc -X -I/alt/include prog1.cpp
//  (OS X* with CLANG compiler)
icl++ -X -I/alt/include prog1.cpp
//  (Windows* OS)
icl /X /I\alt\include prog1.cpp 

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