Modifying Projects to Use a Selected Compiler from the Command Line

You can use the command-line utility ICProjConvert130.exe to transform your Intel® C++ projects to Microsoft Visual C++* projects, or vice-versa. The syntax is:

ICProjConvert130.exe <sln_file | prj_files> </VC[:"VCtoolset name"] | /IC[:"ICtoolset name"]> [/q] [/nologo] [/msvc] [/s] [/f]





is a path to solution file, which should be modified to use a specified project system.


space separated list of project files (or wildcard), which should be modified to use specified project system.


modify to use the Microsoft Visual C++* project system.

VCtoolset name

either v90, v100, or v110.


modify to use the Intel® C++ project system.

ICtoolset name

Intel C++ Compiler XE 14.0

Depending on the integration version, the supported name values may be different.


quiet mode, all information messages (except errors) are hidden.


suppress startup banner.


set the compiler to Microsoft Visual C++*.


search the project files through all subdirectories.


where possible, force an update to the project even if it has an unsupported type or unsupported properties.

/? or /h

show help.


Issue the command ICProjConvert130.exe *.icproj /s /VC to modify all Intel® C++ Project files in the current directory and its subdirectories to use Microsoft Visual C++*.


If you uninstall the Intel® C++ Compiler, ICProjConvert130.exe remains in the folder Program Files\Common Files\Intel\shared files\ia32\Bin so you can use it for transforming Intel® C++ projects back to Microsoft Visual C++*.

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