Intel® C/C++ Error Parser

The following topic applies to Eclipse* for C/C++.

The Intel® C/C++ Error Parser (selected by default) lets you track compile-time errors in Eclipse*/CDT. To confirm that the Intel® C/C++ Error Parser is active:

  1. Select the hello_world project in the Project Explorer view.

  2. Select Project > Properties.

  3. In the Properties dialog box, select C/C++ Build > Settings.

  4. Click the Error Parsers tab. Make sure that Intel C/C++ Error Parser is checked and CDT Visual C Error Parser is not checked.

  5. Click OK to update your choices, if you have changed any settings.

Using the Intel® C/C++ Error Parser

The Intel® C/C++ Error Parser detects and manages diagnostics generated by the Intel® C++ Compiler automatically.

If an error occurring in the hello_world.c program is compiled, for example, #include <xstdio.h> , each error is reported in the Problems view next to an error () marker.

You can double-click on each error in the Problems view to highlight the source line causing the error in the Editor view.

Correct the error, then rebuild your project.

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