Options: Guided Auto Parallelism dialog box

The following topic applies to Eclipse* for C/C++.

To access the Guided Auto Parallelism page, select Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Intel Guided Auto Parallelism Preferences.

Use this page to specify settings for Guided Auto Parallelism (GAP) analysis. These settings are used when you run an analysis using the Intel Tools menu.

Guided Auto Parallelism Options

Level of Analysis

Specify the desired level of analysis. Choose Simple, Moderate, Maximum, or Extreme.

Suppress Remark #s

Specify one or more comma delimited remark identifiers to suppress.

Send remarks to a file

Check this box to redirect the analysis result into a file.

Remarks file

Enter the location of the file to redirect the analysis results.

Show configuration and informational dialogs

Select the level of configuration information and dialogs shown when running analysis. Available selections are None, Only Selected, or All.

Restore Defaults

Clicking this box will restore all items on the Intel Guided Auto Parallelism Preferences page to defaults.


Clicking this box will apply changes made to the Intel Guided Auto Parallelism Preferences page.

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