Performance Guide Use Intel® C++ Compiler dialog box

The Use Intel® C++ Compiler dialog box is part of the Performance Guide. To access the Performance Guide, click Tools > Intel Compiler > Start Performance Guide.

Use this dialog box to select files for use with the Intel® C++ Compiler and specify a configuration.

Select files: Use the left window to select project files to be compiled with the Intel® C++ Compiler.

This window shows the Performance Guide default file selections, which are based on the hotspots found during initial setup. The selected files contain either hotspots or calls to code containing hotspots.

You can change an individual file selection by clicking in the corresponding checkbox in the left window. Additionally, you can make selections using the Select all and Deselect all buttons. Selected files appear in the right window.


To allow for full inter-procedural optimizations, select all files.

Certain files may have already been associated with the Intel® C++ Compiler prior to running the Performance Guide. In these cases, the check boxes for these files will appear as selected and will be greyed out.

Suppress compiler warnings: Check this box to suppress compiler warnings on converted files.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.