Configure Analysis dialog box

Use the Configure Analysis dialog box to specify settings for Guided Auto Parallelism (GAP) analysis and run the analysis.

To access this dialog box, click Tools > Intel Compiler > Guided Auto Parallelism > Run Analysis...

Configure Analysis Options

Level of Analysis: Specify the desired level of analysis. Choose Simple, Moderate, Maximum, or Extreme.

Suppress Compiler Warnings: Check this box to suppress compiler warnings. This adds the option W0 to the compiler command line.

Suppress remark IDs: Specify one or more remark IDs to suppress. Use a comma to separate IDs.

Send remarks to a file: Check this box to send GAP remarks to a specified text file.

Remarks file: Specify the filename where GAP remarks will be sent.

Save these settings as the default (in Tools -> Options for Guided Auto Parallelism): Check this box to save the specified settings as the default settings.

Show all GAP configuration and informational dialogs: Check this box to display this dialog box next time.

When you are done specifying settings, click Run Analysis.

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