Static Analysis Create Configuration dialog box

Static Analysis is a deprecated feature.

Static Analysis is not supported on OS X* systems.

The Static Analysis Create Configuration dialog box appears the first time you build a solution by choosing Build > Build Solution for Intel Static Analysis. In Visual Studio*, this dialog box appears after you choose the Next button in the Static Analysis Prepare Projects page.

Use the Create Configuration dialog box to create a new build configuration called Intel_SSA. This dialog box creates the new configuration, sets the required properties, and optionally, starts the build. Your existing configurations are not affected by this new configuration.

After you create the new configuration, subsequent menu requests to build for Intel Static Analysis will build the configuration.

You can change this configuration in the project properties page in Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Diagnostics . To open the project properties, choose Project > Properties .

Copy configuration settings from: Choose an existing configuration from which build settings should be copied.

Level of Static Analysis: Specify the desired level of analysis. Choose one of the following:

  • Only Critical Errors:
  • All Errors:
  • All Errors and Warnings:

Mode of Static Analysis: Choose one of the following modes:

  • Full Scan: Minimize false negatives or missed errors, but also increases chances of false positives. Use this option for security assurance.
  • General Error Scan: Reduce false positives by tolerating a higher number of false negatives. Use this option for general error detection.
  • Light Scan With Very Few False Errors: Minimize false positives, but also increases the chances of false negatives. Use this option for quick source screening.

Additional Options: Choose these options to analyze include files, individual files, or to treat enumerations as known ranges.

  • Analyze Include Files: Select this box to report errors in the system include files.
  • Analyze Files Individually: Select this box to analyze files individually. This option requires less analysis time and memory on large programs, but can also result in finding fewer errors.
  • Treat Enumerations As Known Ranges: Select this box to treat enumeration variables like known range-bound values. This option finds more real errors, but increases the chances of false positives.

Build for Static Analysis after creating configuration*: Select this box to build your project(s) with the Intel_SSA configuration to run static analysis.

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