Selecting the Intel® Compiler

The following topic applies to Xcode*.

The ICL Intel® C++ Compiler has a Clang-based front-end and is invoked by using the icl/icl++ command. You can use Clang options with this compiler.

The ICC Intel® C++ Compiler has a EDG-based front-end and is invoked by using the icc/icpc command. You cannot use Clang options with this compiler.

To select the Intel® C++ Compiler:

  1. Select the target you want to change and click Build Rules.

  2. Add a new rule by clicking Editor > Add Build Rule or pressing a + button.

  3. Under Process, choose C source files or C++ source files , depending on the source files.


    If the Intel® compiler does not show up in the drop-down list, it may mean that the version of the Xcode* you are using is not supported by the Intel® compiler.

    To enable the Intel® compiler in Xcode*:

    1. Execute the following commands:

      cd /Library/Application\ Support/Developer/ 
      sudo ln -s 6.0 6.1
    2. Restart Xcode*.

  4. Under Using, select ICL or ICC Intel® C++ Compiler XE.


If you select a tool that does not support the source file type, that source file type will be processed by a later rule that specifies that type. For example, even though Objective-C/C++ sources are derived from C sources, they will actually be built by the Intel® C++ Compilers.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.