Running the Executable

The following topic applies to Xcode*.

Once you have built your Xcode* project, click the Run () button. This button runs the configuration currently associated with the button. Use the Scheme Editor to change the configuration associated with the button.


To open the Scheme Editor , select Product > Edit Scheme....

The output from the executable is displayed.

Using Dynamic Libraries

You can build your Xcode* project with the -shared-intel compiler option to link with the Intel dynamic libraries or with the -openmp or -parallel options, both of which link in libiomp5.dylib. If you do this, you need to set the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in the Xcode* environment.

To add the environment variable:

  1. Open the Scheme Editor and select the Run action.

  2. On the Arguments tab, under Environment Variables , click the + button.

  3. Add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. Set the value to the full path to the Intel compiler's /lib directory.


If you build your project with the -shared-intel, -openmp, or -parallel compiler option without setting the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, a "library not found" error message results at runtime. Depending on your application, the error message may refer to a library other than the one noted in this example:

dyld: Library not loaded: libiomp5.dylib
from: /Users/test/hello_world
Reason: image not found

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