proportional_split Class


Type of an argument for a proportional splitting constructor of Range.


#include "tbb/tbb_stddef.h"


class proportional_split;


An argument of type proportional_split may be used by classes that implement Range concept to distinguish a proportional splitting constructor from a basic splitting constructor and from a copy constructor, and to suggest a ratio in which a particular instance of the class should be split.


namespace tbb {
        class proportional_split {
            proportional_split(size_t _left = 1, size_t _right = 1);

            size_t left() const;
            size_t right() const;

            operator split() const;

The following table provides additional information on the members of this class.
Member Description
proportional_split( size_t _left = 1, size_t _right = 1 )

Constructs a proportion with the ratio specified by coefficients _left and _right.

size_t left() const

Returns size of the left part of the proportion.

size_t right() const

Returns size of the right part of the proportion.

operator split() const

Makes proportional_split implicitly convertible to split type to use with ranges that do not support proportional splitting.

See "Range Concept" for an example of proportional splitting constructor implementation.

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