User Guide

This section provides you with the usage instructions on Intel® Trace Analyzer and provides the description of all its GUI elements.



Starting Intel® Trace Analyzer

Instructions on how to start Intel® Trace Analyzer on different operating systems.

GUI Overview

Introduction of the Intel® Trace Analyzer graphical user interface.

Navigating Timelines

Description of options for navigation within timelines using scroll bars and mouse selection.

Viewing Correctness Checking Reports

Instructions on viewing the correctness checking reports (CCRs) collected by the Intel® Trace Collector correctness checking library.

Comparing Two Trace Files

Instructions on comparing different trace files. This is useful for identifying differences and speedups between different application runs.

Interoperability with Intel® VTune™ Profiler and Intel® Advisor

Description of the interoperability between Intel® Trace Analyzer, Intel® VTune™ Profiler, and Intel® Advisor.

OpenMP* Regions Display Support

Description of the OpenMP* regions display support in Intel® Trace Analyzer.

OTF2 Format Support

Description of the feature that enables you to view the OTF2 trace files in Intel® Trace Analyzer.

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