Optimizing MPI Communications

 Use the Intel® Trace Analyzer to analyze an MPI application's behavior to improve performance at the inter-process level.

This part of the tutorial uses the sample trace files poisson_sendrecv.single.stf and poisson_icomm.single.stf to demonstrate how to detect and remove serialization in your application.

Step 1: Prepare for analysis

Use the Intel Trace Analyzer Event Timeline chart to zoom in to a single iteration of your application.

Step 2: Detect serialization

Step 3: Remove serialization

Improve your application performance by replacing the problem-causing function.

Step 4: Check the result

Use the Intel Trace Analyzer Comparison chart to compare the serialized application with the revised one.

Step 5: Analyze optimized communications

Analyze the revised application in the Event Timeline to see if the revised code needs further optimization.

Key Terms

Idealized Tracefile

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