Create Configuration File

 Create a new text file in a text editor and save it with the .conf extension. Add the necessary filtering options into the configuration file to make the Intel® Trace Collector trace only the data you want to appear in the resulting trace file. To make Intel Trace Collector read the file, set its full path in the VT_CONFIG environment variable. See instructions for each filtering setting below.

Use the following filter settings:

  • STATE defines the functions that will appear in the collected trace file. STATE filters functions by their full names, for example: MPI:MPI_Send.

  • ACTIVITY is a shortcut for STATE. It filters functions by their class names, for example: MPI.

  • SYMBOL is a shortcut for STATE. It filters functions by their names, excluding class name, for example: MPI_Send.

  • PROCESS enables trace collection for a particular number of processes.

  • TIME-WINDOWS collects events within the specified period of time.

  • COMPRESS-RAW-DATA saves raw data in the compressed format.

To get detailed information about filtering process, filtering options, and configuration syntax, refer to the Intel® Trace Collector User and Reference Guide.

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