Get Trace Data on Point-to-Point Operations

 To collect data on the Point-to-Point operations in the poisson application, run the application using the command:

Linux* OS:

$ mpirun –trace -trace-pt2pt –n 4 ./poisson

Windows* OS:

> mpiexec -trace-pt2pt –n 4 poisson.exe

Check your work:

  1. Open the resulting trace file poisson.stf in the Intel® Trace Analyzer.

  2. In the Function Profile, right-click Group MPI and select Ungroup MPI from the context menu.

  3. Go to the Load Balance tab of the Function Profile to see how the MPI_Sendrecv function is distributed among the four processes.

  4. Go to Charts > Event Timeline to see the activities in each of the four processes individually.

You can see that the trace data was collected only for the Point to Point operations that are presented by the MPI_Sendrecv function:

Key Terms

Configuration File
Event Timeline
Function Profile

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