Download Applet doesn't work on OS X 10.10.4 (14E46)

Download Applet doesn't work on OS X 10.10.4 (14E46)


So I can't download it even that it is "free".



The link on the mail finally redirect me here but the applet fails with 

Download manager fatal error

An irrecoverable error ocurred

So I get a null exception and something about the manifest on the java console...


Also I send mail to try to say about the applet failing and get this automatic response.

Dear Customer, This email account is not monitored. If you need technical support, please visit Thank you. Intel Registration Center Team

Which is a 404!!!! ¬¬'.


Also the enter on this text form always add the enter and return myself to the start of the post... which is wrong. Ando also the "register" was a little odd :P.

--- So much errors for a simple download... lol.

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Hi David,

There are two ways you can download the package: Either via the download manager (Java applet) or via direct download. The Java applet allows you to resume the download in case case the network connection drops.

It could be that your browser is blocking the Java applet, or you have a firewall that is blocking its execution.

i would suggest that you try to download the package as a direct download (choose the online installer and let the installer download the packages).

Let me know if this suggestion helped!

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