Build an Intel® Edison Board Image Using Bitbake

Building a standard Intel® Edison image requires downloading and installing several prerequisite packages. These instructions are valid for a recent Ubuntu Linux* distribution and should be valid for other distributions with minor changes.

Make sure your working directory is not part of an encrypted file system, such as eCryptFS. Because encrypted file systems restrict file length, the build will fail.

To build a standard Intel® Edison image, do the following:

  1. Install the prerequisite packages with the following command:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential git diffstat gawk chrpath texinfo libtool gcc-multilib

  2. Download the BSP source package from: The package includes the full Yocto Project* environment, and Intel® Edison-specific Yocto recipes to build the image (including the Linux kernel), a bootloader, and all necessary packages. Download the BSP source package to your working directory and decompress it.


    cd iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606/poky/

  3. Run the following commands to build the Intel® Edison board image:

    source oe-init-build-env ../build_edison/

    bitbake edison-image u-boot

  4. When the bitbake process completes, images to flash are created in the edison-src/build/tmp/deploy/images/edison directory. To simplify the flash procedure, run the script below to copy the necessary files to the build/toFlash directory:

    ../poky/meta-intel-edison/utils/flash/ .


    zip -r toFlash

2.1 – Build the Intel® Edison native SDK

To cross-compile native applications for your image, you must generate an SDK containing a cross-compiler toolchain and sysroot. You can generate a full SDK for the Intel® Edison Development Board with the following command:

bitbake edison-image -c populate_sdk

This bitbake command creates the SDK installer script:

ls tmp/deploy/sdk
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