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Race Illegal: High Speed
3D Climbs the Racing
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Which Markets and Platforms Drive the Most Cost-Effective Campaigns? HeroCraft* Finds Out.

When searching for ways to cost-effectively boost user acquisition and gain in-depth audience insights for Race Illegal: High Speed 3D, the developer engaged the marketing team at Intel.

HeroCraft* aimed to learn more about the most effective ways to reach their target audience through paid advertising campaigns, as well as to gain a thorough understanding of the potential value that different advertising platforms have for the company and their applications.

Google Play* Chart Results

TOP 10
in the Nordics

TOP 20
in Germany

TOP 50
in the US

TOP 100
in France

Our Approach

For HeroCraft, the marketing team at Intel used these campaign objectives:

Test many global markets spanning all three tiers

Select multiple platforms (incentivized and non-incentivized)

Use programmatic optimization technology, with post-acquisition event tracking, for deep analyses of the quality of players

Following initial testing, campaigns were quickly optimized to focus on Tier 1 markets, including Germany, the Nordics, and US, which proved to be the most effective in meeting HeroCraft's targets for Race Illegal: High Speed 3D.

The Results Are In

Both Germany and the Nordics proved to be the top performing markets, driving 55 percent of installs during the campaigns with users displaying significantly higher quality engagement than in other markets.

Non-incentivized won against incentivized channels

  • Between 8 and 20 times higher traffic in engagement
  • Facebook* outperformed all other non-incentivized channels by 4 times

The weaker performance of other core markets was unexpected. For example, the Canadian market:

  • Jumped over 100 ranks
  • Hit Top 30 racing apps
  • Was 28 percent more expensive

From these results, the final recommendation is to optimize for cost-effective target audiences in other markets.

"It was the scale and insights we received through the campaigns. The opportunity to perform so much testing of different advertising platforms across multiple markets and tiers really allowed us to understand what works best for us and our application!”

- Lana Nakene, marketing manager at HeroCraft

Media ad purchasing for the Intel marketing campaigns were driven by the advanced targeting and proprietary optimization algorithms built by SocialClicks*. SocialClicks, an innovator in mobile advertising and audience optimization, leverages actionable in-app data to deliver superior marketing performance and maximize lifetime ROI. The SocialClicks team and platform were able to design unique online ad campaigns and worked with Intel and their Partners to discover and drive new and profitable mobile audiences supporting over 2.7 million conversion events.

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