VS EU Active %

Metric Description

The metric VS EU Active % represents the percentage of overall GPU time that the EUs were actively executing Vertex Shader instructions. 


  • If VS EU Active % is 50%, half of the overall GPU time was spent actively executing Vertex Shader instructions.

  • If VS EU Active % is 0%, no Vertex Shader was associated with the selected draw calls, or that the amount of time actively executing Vertex Shader instructions was negligible.

Improving Performance

  • This metric is important if vertex processing seems to be a bottleneck for selected rendering calls. If VS EU Active % accounts for most of the EU active time, then to improve performance you should simplify the vertex shader or simplify and optimize the geometry of your primitives.

  • If VS EU Active % is significant, you should examine your vertex shader code to find reasons that might be causing stalls.

Inspect the shader code in the Graphics Frame Analyzer.

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