Sampler Stalled

The Sampler Stalled metric represents the percentage of time the texture sampler was stalled. The texture sampler is stalled when its output queue is full, which can occur when it returns texture requests faster than the EUs can process them. When the texture sampler is stalled, it cannot process new requests.


  • If Sampler Stalled is 50%, it means that half of the time when texture sampler was busy it was waiting for space to open up in its output queue.

  • If Sampler Stalled is 0%, it means that texture sampler never stalled.

Improving Performance

  • Reduce the number of texture fetches in the shader code.

  • Reduce texture size and texture filtering setting under the Texture Tab in the Graphics Frame Analyzer to see if this helps improve performance without adversely affecting image quality.

  • Minimize anisotropic filtering, because it requires a high number of additional texel fetches and is therefore "expensive" to use.

  • Modify the texture fetching pattern in the shader code to optimize texture cache utilization.

To inspect shader code, see the Shaders Tab in the Graphics Frame Analyzer.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.