GPU Overall Usage

The GPU Overall Usage metric represents the percentage of time that either the Execution Unit (EU) engine or the Multi-Format Codec (MFX) engine is active.

Improving Performance

What if the GPU Overall Usage indicator is close to 100%?

If you see that the GPU Overall Usage indicator is high and close to 100%, your application is GPU-bound. It might happen in case of unconstrained media processing with all video operations offloaded to the GPU; for example, video encoding or transcoding through Intel� Quick Sync Video on 2nd generation Intel� Core� processors.

If this is not a case, create a media performance trace capture file for visualization and detailed analysis in the Trace Analyzer.

What if I see significant GPU utilization by non-media operations?

The GPU can be utilized significantly by non-media operations, such as GHAL3D and Unknown. To analyze and optimize graphic operations executed through Microsoft* DirectX*, use Intel� GPA.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.