Dialog Box: Preferences

This information only applies to analyzing Windows* OS workloads.
To access this dialog box:
click the Graphics Monitor icon in the taskbar notification area and select Preferences....

Use the Preferences dialog box to set various startup and data collection options:

  • Active API: choose the API version of your analyzed application. By default, Microsoft* DirectX 9, 10, 11 APIs are selected. Make sure to change the selection if you are going to analyze a DirectX 12 application. This option is also available in the Analyze Application dialog box.


    This option is only available on Windows* 10 systems.

  • Auto-detect launched applications: check this option to automatically start analyzing any launched applications.

    For details, refer to Starting Application Analysis Automatically.

  • Launch Graphics Monitor on startup: run the Graphics Monitor right after the operating system startup.

  • Turn off Intel GPA auto-updates: check to disable update notifications. By default, Intel GPA notifies you when a newer version of the product is available.

    If you choose to disable this option, you can click the Update button to check for the available updates.

  • Authorized Clients... button: view and change the list of target systems authorized to connect to your host system.


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