Pane: Summary

This information only applies to analyzing Windows* OS workloads.
System Analyzer HUD displays the summary information in the upper left corner of the application display.

The Summary includes the following information:

  • Mode - heads-up display mode; use the default Ctrl+F1 to switch between HUD modes

  • DX - Microsoft DirectX* version and device driver type:

    • HW - hardware accelerated

    • WARP (Windows* Advanced Rasterization Platform) - Microsoft* software DirectX* renderer that uses CPU instead of GPU

    • REF - the reference device that implements all features for the requested version of DirectX* even if HW does not support it

  • Res - screen resolution

  • Frames Per Second - frame rate, with lowest value shown in red (15) and the highest shown in green (113); the instantaneous value (51) is calculated for one second.

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