Dialog Box: Settings

To access this dialog box: in the Connection dialog box, click the button, or press Ctrl+F1.

Use the Settings dialog box to add the path to the Android* Debug Bridge (adb) tool, disable auto-updates, enable/disable tracing of Android OpenGL ES* applications, and turn on fine-grained system-wide GPU metrics collection.

The Settings dialog box contains the following options:

  • ADB path - full path to the Android* SDK platform-tools directory, where the adb tool resides.
    • If the ADB path field is empty, the System Analyzer finds the adb tool using the PATH environment variable.
    • If the specified path is incorrect or the adb tool is not found, an error icon appears:
  • Enable auto-update - enables/disables auto-update checks and notifications about a new available version. When your system is connected to the Internet, by default the System Analyzer automatically checks for software updates. During this check, the System Analyzer collects information about the Windows* OS analysis system and the Android* target system. No personally identifiable information is collected.
  • Enable tracing on Android devices - enables/disables tracing of Android* applications. Tracing might cause some overhead during the analysis with System Analyzer, which can impact the accuracy of some platform metrics displayed. You can disable the tracing feature if you do not intend to use trace analysis for Android* applications and would like to avoid the possible overhead. By default, tracing is enabled on Windows* and disabled on Ubuntu* and macOS* host systems.


    When you enable/disable tracing, the new setting applies to all Android* devices connected to your analysis system. Make sure to choose the option you need before connecting an Android* device.

  • Show all Android activities - displays names all available activities in the User Applications list of the Connection dialog box to inject Android applications.
  • View fine-grained system-wide GPU metrics - collect fine-grained system-wide GPU metrics that provide insight on how the metrics values change within the captured frame.

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