Tab: StretchRect

The StretchRect tab shows the surfaces before and after a StretchRect() call. This tab contains the following components:


This functionality is only available for analyzing applications that use Microsoft* DirectX* 9. For other applications, the Graphics Frame Analyzer does not display the StretchRect tab.

Erg Selector

The Erg Selector enables you to choose an erg from the list to analyze the effect of the StretchRect() calls associated with this erg. The Erg Selector filters the ergs from your selection in the Visualization pane or the Scene Overview pane, and shows only the ergs that contain a StretchRect() call.

Image Viewer

The Image Viewer displays the surfaces referenced in the StretchRect() call of the selected erg. To save the image, right-click the image and select Save... from the context menu. You can save the image in DDS, JPEG, BMP, or PNG formats.

For better visualization, you can use the following Image Viewer features:

  • Zoom buttons
  • Image Information bar
  • Histogram

Surface Radio Buttons

The Surface Radio Buttons enable you to choose which surface to display in the Image Viewer:

  • Source - view the source surface that the StretchRect() call copies to the destination surface./li>
  • Destination (Before) - view the destination surface before the StretchRect() call execution.
  • Destination (After) - view the destination surface after the StretchRect() call execution.

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