Window: Create Frame Capture (OpenGL ES* Workloads)

To access this window: click the Add button in the Open Frame Capture window.

Use this window to capture new frame files on your Android* device.

Connected systems

The list of devices connected to Graphics Frame Analyzer. The currently selected device is highlighted with dark-blue. To capture frames on a different device, click its name in this list.  

If the Graphics Frame Analyzer cannot detect any devices, the corresponding message prompts you to connect the target device.

Application list

Select an application you want to debug. The selected application is marked with a blue highlight.


You can only capture frames for applications that appear in the Analyzable applications list. To analyze an application from the Non-analyzable applications list, you need to modify the application permissions first. See Preparing OpenGL ES* Applications for Profiling for details.

Captured frames

View all frames captured within the current Graphics Frame Analyzer session. The last captured frame appears in the preview pane on the left.

Preview pane

  • View FPS rate of your running application in real time.
  • Preview the last captured frame.


Capture button

Click to capture a frame on the connected device.


Type Filter Expression field

Filter the installed Android* applications by typing in a part of the application name.

Color Scheme toggle button

Change the color scheme of the Graphics Frame Analyzer interface:

  • Light color scheme (default)
  • Dark color scheme

Back button

Return to the Open Frame Capture window to select an existing frame for analysis.


Open Intel® GPA online documentation.

Settings button

Manage Graphics Frame Analyzer settings:

  • Enable/disable checking for the newest available version of the Graphics Frame Analyzer.


    During this check, the Graphics Frame Analyzer collects information about your host system. No personally identifiable information is collected.

    If a newer version of the product is available, the Settings button receives the marker. To download the update, click the Settings button and select the available version from the context menu.

  • Set the path to the Android* SDK Platform-tools directory to be able to test frames for the connected Android* devices. If the path is missing or invalid, the Settings button receives the marker.

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