Managing Platform Analysis View

To manage the Platform Analysis view, do the following:

To Do This

Do This

Sort the data

Right-click the list of threads/processes/counters and select the required type of sorting from the Sort By content menu option:

Use This

To Do This

Row Start Time

Sort the rows by the thread creation time.

Row Label

Sort the rows alphabetically.


Sort the rows by performance metric: Frame Time, GPU Time, Task Time, or Metric Count.


Sort the program units in the ascending order by one of the categories selected above.


Sort the program units in the descending order by one of the categories selected above.

Re-order the rows

Select the row you need, hold and drag it to the required position. Press SHIFT to select multiple adjacent rows. Press CTRL to select multiple disjointed rows.

Filter data

Select the required program unit(s), right-click and choose from the context menu to filter in or filter out the data in the view by the selected items. To go back to the default view, select the Remove All Filters option.

Zoom in and focus on a particular graph section

  1. Drag and drop to select the range of interest.
  2. Right-click and select Zoom In on Selection from the context menu.

To restore the timeline to the previous state, right-click and select Undo Previous Zoom Selection. To restore the timeline to the entire time interval (for example, after multiple zooming operations), right-click and select Reset Zoom from the context menu or click the Reset Zoom button on the timeline toolbar.

Zoom in/Zoom out the timeline

Click the Zoom In/ Zoom Out buttons on the timeline toolbar.

Change the height of the row

Right-click and select the Change Band Height option from the Timeline context menu and select the required mode:

Use This

To Do This


Set the small row height (about 6px).

This mode shows limited charts: if there is data, the active ranges are colored; otherwise, the band is shown in a regular background color.

This mode does not show time markers and row identification (threads). Rows cannot be reordered.


Set the normal row height (about 16-18px). This mode shows charts, time markers, and row identification (threads). Rows can be reordered.


Set the maximum row height (35-50px). This mode shows charts, charts for nested tasks, time markers, and row identification (threads). Rows can be reordered and their height can be manually adjusted.

Change the measurement units on the time scale

Right-click, select the Show Time Scale As context menu option, and choose from the following values:

  • Elapsed Time (default)
  • OS Timestamp
  • CPU Timestamp

View GPU usage data by DMA packet type

Select the Packet Type drop-down menu option in the Legend area. By default, the DMA packet data is displayed by GPU engine.

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