Analyzing Source Code

You can use the Intel® Trace Analyzer to view the reported deadlock problem. Open the MPI_Recv.stf file in Intel® Trace Analyzer:

$ traceanalyzer MPI_Recv.stf

The trace information may look as follows:

In the Event Timeline chart, yellow-bordered circles represent various issues in your application. The color of each circle depends on the type of the particular diagnostic:

  • The black color indicates an error.

  • The gray color indicates a warning.


To suppress error messages and warnings, right-click the Event Timeline chart, open the Show menu, and uncheck the Issues option. The black and gray circles disappear.

To determine which source code line is associated with an error message, right-click the issue on the Event Timeline chart and select Details on Function, Issue from the context menu. The following dialog will appear:

Click the Show Source button shown in the figure above to open the Source View. You can see that line 53 is highlighted, which indicates that it causes the deadlock:

In this example both processes call the blocking MPI_Recv function at once, so none of them get to calling the sender function, which causes the deadlock.

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