The conjugate of a complex number a + bj is a - bj.


An element-wise operation performs the same operation on each element of a vector, or uses the elements of the same position in multiple vectors as inputs to the operation. For example, the element-wise addition of the vectors {x0, x1, x2} and {y0, y1, y2} is performed as follows: {x0, x1, x2} + {y0, y1, y2} = {x0 + y0, x1 + y1, x2 + y2}.


Using saturation arithmetic, when a number exceeds the data-range limit for its data type, it saturates to the upper data-range limit. For example, a signed word greater than 7FFFh saturates to 7FFFh. When a number is less than the lower data-range limit, it saturates to the lower data-range. For example, a signed word less than 8000h saturates to 8000h.

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