By default, all the commands provided by this extension – except for !decode, !help, and !version – apply to all the processors on the target machine. For example, the !enable command enables tracing on all the processors, not the currently selected one only. Or, as another example, the commands to install a new IP filter do so on all the processors. If this behavior is not desired, it can be changed by specifying the /here flag. For example, !enable /here enables tracing on the currently selected processor only.

As mentioned, the major exception to this rule is the !decode command. This always applies to the currently selected processor only. To see trace decodes from all the processors, users must manually switch processors using the ~s command. For example, for a target machine with two processors:

1: kd> ~0s
0: kd> !decode
0: kd> ~1s
1: kd> !decode
1: kd>
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