Step 4: Run configure_edison

Now that you are remotely connected to your Intel® Edison board's shell, you have access to the Linux* operating system running on the board.

The first thing you'll want to configure on a new Intel® Edison board is a device password in order to enable SSH, and then set up Wi-Fi*.

Both of these options can be set by running configure_edison --setup, however this guide will use configure_edison --password and configure_edison --wifi in separate steps for clarity.

  1. Set a device password and name on your Intel® Edison board
    You must enable SSH on the Intel® Edison board in order to wirelessly program your board using for example the Intel® XDK IDE. Setting a password on an Intel® Edison board will enable SSH. Set a password by running configure_edison --password.

  2. Connect your Intel® Edison board to a Wi-Fi* network
    The Intel® Edison compute module has built-in Wi-Fi* that you can enable by running the configure_edison --wifi command.

Tip: Run configure_edison --help at any time to see what other commands are available.

Get Started

Begin by setting a device name and password.

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