UI Designer can't display

UI Designer can't display

Hello, my MOE is latest version, Android studio is 2.1, when I open the ui file *.ixml, the UI designer can't display, What should I do? Thanks!

I have tried android studio 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, the problem is same.


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Hi Rad,

1. Please double check that "Multi-OS Engine Layout Editor" plugin has been installed in Android Studio.

2. Check that ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables are pointing to correct folders with Android SDK and JDK.

3. To enable UI Designer, you have to install Android SDK with API version lower than or equal to 19.

4. If it doesn't help, is there any error messages when you open the *.ixml files?


Hello, Alexey,

    Yes, my android idk api version is 21.  Now it is ok.

Thank you very much!

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