Function-Specific Libraries

Intel® Pattern Matching Engine

Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology GitHub repository includes a folder with a few examples that you can try out. Below is the list of examples currently available.

                                 |- src
                                        |- CuriePME.cpp
                                        |- CuriePME.h
                                 |- examples
                                        |- a_SimplePatternMatching
                                        |- b_SavingKnowledge
                                        |- c_RestoringKnowledge
                                        |- d_k-nearest-neighbor
                                        |- DrawingInTheAir 

The tutorial Using the Pattern Matching Engine uses the DrawingInTheAir example.

To use the pattern matching examples first clone the GitHub* repository:

$ git clone

Store the content of the repository under CODK-A/arc/libraries or CODK-M/arc/libraries.

Open each example folder and look at the makefile for each example to see that the path to the relevant libraries is up-to-date. For example sketch a_SimplePatternMatching:

LIBDIRS = $(ARDUINOSW_DIR)/libraries/Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology/src

For example sketches b_SavingKnowledge, c_RestoringKnowledge and d_nearest-neighbor:

LIBDIRS = $(ARDUINOSW_DIR)/libraries/Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology/src \
          $(ARDUINOSW_DIR)/corelibs/libraries/SPI/src \

From within the CODK-A directory or the CODK-M directory, run the following command to convert a pattern matching example sketch and build the application. For example:

$ cd $CODK_DIR/arc/libraries/Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology/examples/a_SimplePatternMatching
$ make convert-sketch SKETCH=a_SimplePatternMatching.ino
$ make compile
$ make upload SERIAL_PORT=/dev/ttyACM0


Intel® Curie™ Mailbox Library

The Intel® Curie™ mailbox library provides access to the inter-processor mailbox that allows interrupt-based communication between the Intel® Quark™ SE processor core (x86) and the ARC core contained in the Intel® Curie™ module.

The path to Intel® Curie™ Mailbox library is CODK-M/arc/corelibs/libraries/CurieMailbox.

The README file details the message format and API reference.

The tutorial on Message Passing explains how to run the SharedCounter and String examples.


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