Connecting to the cloud

This section contains steps to add the IoT Cloud repository to your Intel® Edison board. The IoT Cloud repository allows you to add support for multiple cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure*, IBM Watson IoT*, or Amazon* Web Services with the Intel® Edison board.

Installing the IoT Cloud repository

  1. Access your Intel® Edison board’s console either through serial using your preferred serial client or SSH.
  2. Add the IoT Cloud repository using the commands below:

    echo "src iot-cloud" > /etc/opkg/iot-cloud.conf
    opkg update

  3. Install packages for cloud platforms, enter the following commands:
    opkg update 
    opkg install packagegroup-cloud-azure
    opkg install packagegroup-cloud-ibm
    opkg install packagegroup-cloud-aws

    This will automatically install Node-RED, which will be available on port 1880.

Node-RED* nodes don’t show after installing support for a cloud platform

The Node-RED service needs to be restarted to pick up new nodes. Run the following command to restart the Node-RED service:

systemctl restart node-red

Installing sensor support for Node-RED*

There is a package available in the cloud repository which installs nodes for a limited number of sensors.

To install this package, run the following commands on your Intel® Edison board:

opkg update
opkg install node-red-contrib-upm
systemctl restart node-red
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