Using the UEFI Scripted Buttons

The 'UEFI scripts' combine target memory reads with knowledge of UEFI/EDK2 standards to facilitate debugging.

The toolbar displays three buttons, LoadDXEModules, LoadPEIMs, and LoadThis.

Loads the source information for only the current module that was executing when the target was halted.
Loads the source information for all the modules in PEI phase using the file system stored in flash memory
Loads the source information for all the DXE modules that have been loaded up to this point.


To load all available source information, boot the target to the end of DXE phase, for example to the UEFI shell or the idle loop, and click LoadPEIMs and LoadDXEModules.


To use any of this commands, the target needs to be connected and stopped.

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