Required Hardware and Software

To use the kernel awareness features you need to load the Wind River* VxWorks* kernel module that assists the Intel® System Debugger. The code for the module can be found at <install-dir>\<debugger-dir>\system_debug\kernel-modules\vx-xdbntf\.

If you build the Wind River* VxWorks* kernel by yourself, it will provide debug symbols and sources. Depending on your settings, the kernel image build process usually generates a file called vxWorks as the loadable kernel image. This file typically contains the necessary debug information. Some configurations eliminate the debug symbols from that file to achieve a smaller file size or to remove everything non-crucial for the kernel's load and execution. Usually there should be another file named vxWorks.sym that still contains the required debug information. If your build process does not produce any file with debug information, please contact support to assist you in generating the necessary symbol information, specifically tailored to your environment and needs.

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