Scripting Command Reference

Scripting commands are meant to be used in debugger scripts. These commands provide loops, if-conditions, breaks, jumps, and messages and are used to control the execution of debugger commands within batch files. All of these commands may be combined with debugger commands which are described in the debugger scripting command reference.

The following rules apply to the script file syntax of debugger commands:

  • Every command described in the debugger command reference is permitted.
  • Commands are entered line by line.
  • A line can contain more than one command separated by semicolons.
  • The last line must be an empty line.
  • Comments must start with "!". A newline ends the comment.
  • Batch files are executed by using the command BATCH.
  • Line breaks are only permitted within strings. The line break character is the backslash "\".
  • Arguments may be passed to a batch file using the option -BA. Arguments are referenced as &1, &2, &3, etc. within the batch file.
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