Address Translation Dialog Box

Translates a logical address or symbol name to the linear and physical address.


Not available.


Not available.

To access this dialog box, right-click in the Paging window and select Translate Address from the pop-up menu. To access this window, select View > Paging.

Address/ Symbolname
Enter the address or symbol name to be translated into this field.

If the entered value can be split into a segmented address, it displays the segment selector, the address offset, and the selector base used to calculate the linear address.

When the translation of this linear address to a physical address is possible, the dialog box displays the physical address. It also displays the paging tables used to calculate this address, and the indices and values of the related table entries in the lower part of the dialog.

When a translation is not possible, the dialog indicates that and provides some information on the root cause.

Opens the Symbol Browser where you can search for a symbol to be translated.
Closes the dialog box and displays the table entries in the Paging window.

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