Evaluate Dialog Box

Define an expression to evaluate.


Debug > Evaluate ...


Not available.


The expression to be evaluated. The expression must be in the current programming language.


Opens the Symbol Browser to search for an appropriate symbol.


Defines the format of the displayed result. If the expression denotes a pointer to a character string, ASCII may be useful. If you select ASCII, enter the number of characters to be displayed into the Length field.

You can change the format of the result using the pop-up menu of the Evaluations window. See also Evaluations Window.

Memory access

Some memory areas permit Byte-wise, Word-wise or Long-wise memory access only. If the target behaves in this very restrictive way, you can select the type of memory access from the Memory access field. In most cases, the default, Byte access, works fine.


If you check the Window check box, the result is shown in the Evaluations window. If you uncheck the Window check box, the result is shown only once in the Console window. This result is not updated.

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